Alternative names: SKAPH

Online game Skaph - a world where you have to build up your base, strengthening and protecting it from enemies.

To play the game online Skaph, it is necessary that your computer has the following system requirements:


• 256 MB RAM,

• 16 MB graphics card.


• 512 MB RAM,

• 32 MB graphics card.

The game does not require any downloads and program settings. To begin playing the game online Skaph Skaph need to go check with the following steps:

1. Choose a name.

2. Enter e-mail address.

3. Repeat email address.

4. Enter the verification code from the image.

5. Agree to the terms of use and data protection.

Your password will come to your e-mail address. Once you have completed these steps, check Skaph completed successfully and you can proceed to the gameplay.

In the vastness Skaph online you expect strikingly beautiful landscapes, incredibly realistic graphics and exciting events. In this dynamic game is very simple and intuitive interface. Especially for beginners invented hint system to help you quickly adapt.

Founding military base, you will be offered a variety of buildings that after the construction on the base can be improved with the help of science and bonus points. All the buildings you erect on your own - You decide what, where and in what order to build. In addition, you can expand their territory, seizing new land.

Play Skaph interesting because the graphics in the game realistic and vibrant. In the original design of the game, and addictive gameplay. In short, the vast universe will not leave you indifferent. You will also appreciate the fact that you will play Skaph giant robots.

After the construction of the Ordnance Center will be available to you card games. On this map the entire surface is divided into these cells

• player base - it's a red flag bins, personal base player have a green flag;

• alien bases - it nests in five colors that do not have flags;

• Base homeless - bins with gray flag;

• forest - are trees of various sizes, wood can catch fire, it can burn or cut down;

• forest fire - a burning forest,

• burnt earth - is left after a forest fire, deforestation or degradation base embers and charred remains of buildings;

• meadow - this empty green field, which may be present shallow vegetation, meadow is not lit.

Skaph online game, like most strategy games, built on the accumulation and consumption of resources. Mined resources are used in the construction of new buildings, construction and moving units, as well as the conduct of hostilities. Then allocate such resources as:

• ore mines that produced.

• oil, which is produced by oil wells.

• uranium, which can be purchased for real money from the game developers.

• concrete, which is made concrete plants.

• the money made in the mines of precious stones.

To improve the balance of resources can be:

• pump relevant skills due to bonus points;

• grab resources from other players and aliens;

• complete studies "More resources" in the Expanded scientific laboratory;

• Obtain special achievements that bring resources.

Energy consumed energy buildings. Energy balance, as well as the resources can be improved by such methods

• build better reactors - accelerator, nuclear reactor, reactor Magma;

• build better buildings that consume less energy;

• temporarily disable unused buildings or demolish unused buildings.

Skaph Game Online - Your opportunity to showcase all their combat and tactical ability. Take command of their hands and participate with other players and Aliens in massive battles. Base the new base, develop science and industry. Prove that you deserve to win!

To begin the game, you need to perform only one simple step. Join in the game Skaph waiting for you!

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