Alternative names: Saga

To begin playing the game Legend online, you need the following system requirements:

· Browser with support Frames and JavaScript;

· Recommended browser for this game is Microsoft Internet Explorer 6. 0 or higher. The Opera browser is not recommended, since it is possible incorrect display of any reference, improper functioning of some hotkeys;

· Minimum screen resolution - 800x600, recommended - 1024x768 .

In order to start playing Legend, you need to fill out the registration form. Join Legend contains several items:

1. Enter the name of the character;

2. Invent password. Try to come up with a complex password, so that nobody except you could not guess it;

3. Choosing a race character;

4. Select the sex of the character.

Legend online game populated by different races, each of which has its own advantages. In Legend online you can become a member of one of the races provided

· People;

· Elves;

· Dwarves;

· Hobbits;

· Dwarves.

People are the most versatile race. They are equally disposed to any type of activity. By the nature of this race is very hospitable, but never lose vigilance. People are easily trained any weapon skills, but outstanding results in the martial arts can not reach. They lodge in the mountains or plains, near rivers and lakes.

Elves very beautiful race - apparently they are perfect. They are wise, good command of magical skills. In weapons, except the magic sword, and prefer onions. Elves are educated and well trained, friendly.

Gnomes - the stunted race. They live in the hills or in the woods. Gnomes creative and possess high-level magic. This race features the incredible love of gold and jewels. They are very good-natured, but not sociable.

Hobbits and gnomes as small stature, so crafty and nimble. Have a keen sense of smell and hearing. Shoes are not worn, damage their feet protects shaggy fur. This race, mainly engaged in agriculture.

It is interesting to play Legend member of the race of dwarves. Dwarves also increase small, stocky and incredibly strong and hardy. Their main habitat - the mountains and underground caves. Their main activity is the extraction of precious stones and minerals. Furthermore, dwarves specialize in manufacturing high quality weapons.

Legend When online registration is complete, you can choose a character class. Online Game Legend offers a large selection

1. Titan - developed force;

2. Assassin - developed dexterity;

3. Warrior - developed strength and agility;

4. Archmage - developed intellect;

5. Exorcist - developed wisdom

6. Wizard - developed intelligence and wisdom.

Legend - online game, which takes place in areas inhabited by bloodthirsty and incredibly scary creatures. Here magic - an integral part of life. You have to fight with many monsters to pass a huge amount of exciting quests, you will build alliances and capture enemies castles. Play Legend - then buy a lot of new friends who will help you throughout the game.

Legend online - it's hundreds of thousands of game areas and game locations, where you will visit during quests. Many jobs are dangerous, because fighting with opponents can cause serious injury. Therefore, in this game has a lot of ways that enable you to restore the health of your character. Of course, the health of the hero recovers itself, but it is very slow. And not to wait, you can use the quick way. Warriors and wizards, while in the training room, can use a spring to recuperate. Special food and drinks that are sold in retail shops and taverns, recovering health. Not to spend money, you can gain energy from the springs, shrines and other sources.

Play online game Legend is very interesting. Join in the game Legend gives you an opportunity to plunge into the enchanting world of magic. You have a good time and distract from the gray of everyday life, exploring the vast expanses of the game!

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