Skydive: Proximity Flight

Alternative names: Skydive: Proximity Flight
Have you ever heard about this sport as basejumping? If yes, then the game Skydive: Proximity Flight will be a real boon for you and all involved in the project members - "friends in misfortune," I understand your passion. For those who are "not in the subject," to announce that BASE Jumping - this is a relatively new extreme sport, which involves parachuting from fixed objects. Certainly, everyone in the network came across a video with a man floating in the air flying squirrel suit - that's the lies basejumping. Why Gaijin Entertainment representatives expressed a preference for this type of sport is difficult to guess. However complain at the idea of ​​sin - created for ps3 Skydive: Proximity Flight looks just amazing. The game conveys the fabulous freedom that can sense an athlete, hovering in the air. This simulator is the best suited for players who can not boast "extreme veins" in the character and determination. With this project to fulfill their dream to fly and parachute over some picturesque canyon can even the biggest coward - play Skydive: Proximity Flight safely, but the developers managed to convey sensations as realistically as possible. After this virtual course the young fighter-beysdzhampera, look, you can have the courage to make its first flight in reality! Our Skydive: Proximity Flight review found that the development of the project was carried out over several years. Probably, this is the fundamental approach yielded a result of a unique and unmistakable design. Flight physics transferred exactly to the smallest detail. Even professional athletes are almost never found, what could be in this game is to find fault, and the approval of a specialist, perhaps, can be considered the greatest praise. During gameplay, gamers will need to train and perform different kinds of tricks (in the air is, of course). Start training will be possible only after succeed Skydive: Proximity Flight download. From the cleanliness of performing stunts and their complexity will depend on the size of awards received by gamers. Watch your character will be using three main chambers through which the player can notice even the smallest their missteps that can later be corrected. The project is a multiplayer mode, which means that playing in Skydrive, you can not only learn to perform tricks and enjoy the coast, but also to meet new interesting people who share your interests. Presentation of Skydive: Proximity Flight video trailer shows that gamers can perform assigned tasks in a project alone or with friends. Furthermore, if desired, players will be able to organize tournaments and competitions, all results will be displayed in a regularly updated league table.
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