Sky Dragon

Alternative names: Sky Dragon
Game Sky Dragon - multiplayer, browser-based, online role-playing fantasy game. The creators of this product offers you a colorful journey into the mysterious world of fragile princess charming, romantic weightless elves and their exotic satellites. Impressive diverse panorama, the dynamics of events, memorable spectacular musical accompaniment. It should be noted, in the best traditions of the game permeated with the spirit of the East, the main focus on the matches. Play the game Sky Dragon means to fight the local monsters fantasy world, powerful mages and warlocks. Players are offered Wednesday with unforgettable mysteries and secrets. On a separate note excellent fighting animations, rapidly developing a very specific battle. One of the arts Sky Dragon online, you must have a hero of the game to perfection - is a martial art. Perform certain actions, characters seize even greater capabilities. Having a brave and kind heart with faith in his good fortune can achieve amazing results! In the Sky Dragon is quite simple to play. From the very first steps in the game you will be so-called guides. Literally every episode of the game accompanied by hints and comments. So, get lost or get lost in this fantasy world you will not be feasible. As is customary in such games, all the characters are masters of martial arts, they are able to use the amazing spectacular tricks. Graphical display of virtuoso skilful gestures - quite a spectacle! Sky Dragon Online gives players the opportunity to show the will to win, his moral standing. Characters must be prepared to act in any extreme situations like this melee. Many situations in the game and unpredictable environments, not just when it is necessary to act, and act properly, well, when there is no time to think and impermissible mistake. Difficult to resist when the attack is carried out multiple targets at once. The game requires instant analysis of the situation in the match, making lightning single solution. Unlike traditional MMORPG, Sky Dragon does not have a set of classes. Players must choose what skills and weapons they want to learn. Fists are the fastest weapon in the Sky Dragon. They are strong against those who are armed with hammers, but weak against those who use swords. Dual Swords - an effective weapon in the game in terms of power and speed, but weak against spear. As you can control your character with the mouse and use the keyboard, possible to combine both methods. In conclusion, it remains to add that the player needed to Sky Dragon registration. To gain access, just enter the email address, username and password, confirm the introduction of user agreement. Then you can instantly start to the gameplay.
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