Alternative names: Skyforge
Game Skyforge - this is the work of developers Allods Team, the same ones that once blew up the Internet to the project "Rage". New project - is a multiplayer role-playing game, developed specifically for personal computers and laptops. Mail. ru - local publisher of the project, which has prepared a very interesting announcement of the game. Thanks to the professional presentation Skyforge, made by representatives Mail. ru, can understand all the basic features of the game that is particularly valuable now - online information presented quite a bit, and the gaming world is just preparing for beta testing. Incidentally, the Russian-language online publisher conducted Skyforge registration test "for the". To enroll, you must specify the address box on the Mail. ru and password to it. Gameplay takes place on the territory of the planet Elyon. This world is not easy, and contrast. Elion coexist freely on high technology and magic. The whole planet is roughly divided into several parts: modern and fantasy. In the modern part of the world Skyforge Online full of life, built-modern skyscrapers, open new factories, but a fantasy territory untouched by urbanization, which is why there is complete unity of man and nature. The game Allods Team robots and mythical monsters live together with each other, and the contrast can be regarded as the main highlight of the project. The vast majority of people - ordinary people. However, along with mere mortals to live Elion unique representatives of the human race - Immortals. History Skyforge Online says that the emergence of difficult people was a necessary precaution. The fact that the galaxy, there are many other planets, and each of them has its own god. Patron was and Elyon, but he disappeared and did not return for a long time. Undefended planet began to be targeted enemies, disasters do not give local residents breathe, and then began to be born on Elion Immortals - divine alternative. This and much more you can learn from colorfully describes Skyforge video game. The main objective of the gamer - take Elyon under "his wing." In other words - the player must be patron god of suffering planet. Your way to success gamer can start with the rank of Immortal (already done, it should be noted), but to become a god he would have to go through a huge number of tests to perform hundreds of complex tasks. The developers claim that it is due to the increased complexity in Skyforge play is exciting and interesting. Very soon will host a presentation of the project, and the players will be able to personally verify how vast and picturesque world offering them to visit representatives Allods Team. By the way, we already know that to play the game Skyforge can acquire new acquaintances and actively communicating in their own social network. Elinet - opportunity to move from the virtual world of friends in real life!
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