Slender The Arrival

Alternative names: Slender The Arrival
Slender The Arrival game is made in the genre of survival horror. It is possible to tell the next part of the game Slender: The Eight Pages, but differs in that it is paid. True, this project boasts more realistic storyline and interesting graphics. That at least deserves attention! The task of the hero will discover the fate Kate, who is the girlfriend of the main character Lauren. The highlight of the game is that to overcome all obstacles and find out all should seemingly fragile girl. Solid part of the game takes place in an abandoned field, and the main character is armed with only a flashlight only one that forces her to run away from enemies. But she does not retreat, and despite not everything, continues to search for a girlfriend. In Slender The Arrival pc protagonists are here: Lauren - the main character around which the plot of the game unfolds. It will deal with the search for his girlfriend. She will have to undergo many tests. Kate - girlfriend Lauren. Before the beginning of the events that unfold in her conduct occurred on Slendermene, about what she had just told his friend and CR. Most likely, a night on the eve of the events of the game it was exposed Slender raid at his house, but she was lucky, a chance to escape. CR - good friend Kate, with whom she discussed her hallucinations. Together they tried to avoid Slendermena, but she was heavily influenced by antagonist. Slender - the main antagonist of the game. This fictitious impersonal being quite tall with long arms without bones and joints and the ability to dispose of their limbs. He is dressed in a severe black suit and tie. Has the ability to display the operating status of the digital devices, when it appears next. All Slender Arrival game consists of five parts: The Eight Pages, Into the Abyss, Flashback, The Arrival. The game also provided an opportunity to develop two endings: normal and hardcore (isolation can choose your own). At the end of the main story, after collection of thirteen letters, you will be asked to undergo an additional level, which will need to collect eight notes. There is also a so-called secret level that can appear in the admission, provided that during the game you will discover the post three times that hosts the announcement of the loss of a Man named Charlie Matheson Jr.. When proceed Slender The Arrival play you will feel full of colors and richness of gameplay. A play is pretty simple, you could even say that everything is easily operated via the keyboard and mouse. To proceed to the gameplay, you must first make the payment, and then only Slender The Arrival download on the official website of the game and go through a simple registration process. Slender The Arrival review is only partial. The most interesting thing you can learn only when head dive into the events of the game already. And believe me, this game is worth it. In the meantime, a little raise the veil and add bright colors to your imagination Slender The Arrival video trailer.
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