Troublous times

Alternative names: Dark Ages World

Troubled times online - is a multiplayer online role-playing game.

Troubled times Online game does not require downloading. You'll only need Internet access and minimum system requirements - Availability browser.

Troubled times Registration is simple and will not take you long. In order to start playing Troubled times you need to be registered

1. You must enter the name and surname.

2. Need to enter your country and city.

3. At this point, you need to specify your gender.

4. Enter your number ICQ.

5. At this point, you need to specify several characteristics about yourself.

6. Write where you learned about the Troubled times online game.

But check Troubled times in the game after the above data does not end there. Next, you will need:

1. Give us your current e-Mail.

2. Enter your birth date.

3. Write the city where he was born.

4. Come up with two questions that will be presented to you in the process of password recovery, will also need to specify the answers. Try to come up with such tricky questions, that you could easily remember them, and others of them have not guessed.

5. At this point it is necessary to come up with the character's nickname.

6. Indicate the race of his future character.

7. Think of your password.

When you fulfill all the items Troubled times online registration and will create your new character, you can plunge into the magical world of this game.

Play the game online Troubled times can you representative of such races as:

• Orcs;

• People;

• Elves.

Orcs - clumsy, but very strong, so they do not fall under the arm.

People - not very strong and agile. They are the children of good luck, good luck always accompanies them, shielding people from the swords of enemies and doing battle hammers strike mortally dangerous.

Elves - forever young and carefree magic forest keepers. They are not so easy to catch. Dance - a style of their fight. There are cases when the opponent is on his last breath falls to the ground, and the elf warrior without a scratch.

Troubled times online game has three kinds of professions

• resource;

• trade;

• producing.

Possession of any of these professions will help you earn game money.

Play the game online Troubled times you can, performing various tasks quest

• together with friends to beat monsters have kidnapped girls;

• pass mazes, collecting various artifacts;

• strikers beat monsters location.

If you successfully complete this quest, make sure you get a bonus in the form of experience, play money and resources that will be useful to you in the future passing game.

The game also includes three condition scale fighter

• Health - shows the level of your life;

• fatigue - influences the behavior of the character in battle. The more you get tired, the less you'll be able to dodge the blows and fall to the enemy;

• manna - this scale shows the number available to you manna.

In troubled times you'll play in a world where every character is a player living a new life, finding his own goals and ways to achieve them. Whichever way you choose, there is always someone who will move you on your way, but be sure to meet those who will be there at the right moment will cover your back.

Come on, be of good cheer! Be invincible warrior, a talented craftsman or lucky trader. Choose fair commander who will lead you into battle, or wanders the world alone. Try a robbery on the roads, but do not forget that the travelers may be stronger than you. Leveled the enemies of his clan with dust and make them ask for mercy. Do not forget your gift diplomat, it is useful to you, so a lucrative alliance with former adversaries. Also by playing Troubled times Obtain fast friends.

This world encompasses many secrets, and they are all waiting for you in the vast troubled times. - Your task is to choose your own path and follow it. Good luck to you!

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