Soldiers Inc

Alternative names: Soldiers Inc

Soldiers Inc - the struggle for power.

Soldiers Inc - strategiya Art of War, for those users who want to create their own powerful modern army and get the status of a military leader and unsurpassed mudrogo pravitelya. A distinctive feature of this particular browser multiplayer online games is that people here are fighting among themselves, no orcs and goblins have military bases, infantry, heavy armored vehicles, aircraft and no fairy-tale characters.

Vse action takes place in a fictional African country. There are minerals and rare resources, and the player who can control the mines and power, will be able to completely rule the world. However, not all so simple in this world is a huge competition, corporations and countries, not counting the local groups and gangs, want to get what they want. Therefore, only a carefully designed strategy for victory, just built a tactic of warfare and wise allocation of resources within the military base will allow the player to take a position, to be reckoned with all others.

The game Soldiers Inc registration is required to pass it may be just half a minute, it is necessary to come up with the name in the corresponding field the email address and the game password, in this game there is no procedure confirm the mailing address, immediately after these simple steps, you can proceed to the stage of learning.

Features Soldiers Inc.

From the very first glance, the user will see the excellent quality of the game. It is clearly visible all the details and landscapes, even smooth surface scorching sun scorched the earth. Musical arrangement recorded background, gives the mood and sound effects complement the realism of what is happening on the computer screen.

Action in the game Soldiers Inc begin with a fairly detailed instruction. The game has several resources needed for development:

  • Fuel;
  • Boepripasy;
  • Prodovolstvie;
  • Almazy;

Vse these kinds of resources are needed for initial construction team, military, security and resource buildings, with which in the future will be to build and strengthen the army is ready to face opponents.

In the early stages, developers do not spare the most valuable game currency - diamonds, so dispose of them is very cautious, because at higher levels they will get not so simple, and they may need for a great deal.

The goal of the game to create an efficient and powerful army to seize control of all the new territories are rich in valuable resources, but players can choose other ways to develop their subdivisions. Without Soldiers Inc. did not do, if the user will not attack itself, it will have to build a strong defense, or to go through diplomatic channels by signing contracts for defense or non-aggression.

In the game, in addition to the real contenders are in front of computers, and there are virtual opponents. Bots are local gangs, they do not hesitate to attack, although their troops and not very strong, can bring trouble.

Soldiers Inc with the division of forces - offensive and defensive. What the army to strengthen the strategy depends on the choice of the player, but in a constant lack of resources can be replenished in an attack on other bases, making the game more aggressive and interesting, because simply no one will not touch. Another wonderful gift from the developers of a bunker, it is possible to hide the troops and resources, and after the accumulation of forces suddenly to speak at the opponent.

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