Solitaire Story TriPeaks

Alternative names:

Solitaire Story TriPeaks card puzzle game. Here you will see beautiful graphics in cartoon style. Nice music and good voice acting.

Despite this name, here you can play not only three peaks, but also other types of solitaire.

Choose what to play:

  • Solitaire
  • Spider
  • Kerchief
  • Pyramid
  • Free slot

And other popular solitaire games.

During the game, you can visit many beautiful places around the globe and play while admiring the scenery of each of them.

These are not quite ordinary solitaire games. Each game is a separate puzzle, it is possible to win by fulfilling all the necessary conditions. It is not always necessary to dismantle the entire deck, sometimes you need to score the required number of points or complete other tasks. So playing is much more interesting and definitely more fun than the classic solitaire solution. Although there is a classic mode in the game, if you suddenly like to play this way more.

The game is incredibly diverse. All actions take place in a world filled with magic. Visit unusual places.


  1. Dragon Waterfall
  2. Enchanted Forest
  3. Mysterious Castle
  4. Fairway

And many other locations, which even have mysterious and unusual names.

But not all the magic in the game is located in the area where you have to solve the tasks.

In cases when the game does not stick to you, booster cards are always ready to help, which come in different types and have features that can find a way out in a hopeless situation at first glance.

If you want more fun, play with the evil witch. She has her own enchanted deck with many trick cards, dark mysteries and very realistic illusions. It will not be very easy to win against her because the game often takes unexpected turns, but it is much more interesting and fun this way.

Meet the wise dragon Dex. He will take you to places with incredible scenery. During this journey, you will get the opportunity to win magic cards and compete with other players for valuable prizes.

The game can keep you busy for a long time, more than 850 levels with many possibilities are waiting for you in it.

In each episode of the game, you start with unique cards, different each time.

Gather a collection of booster cards to be able to win in any situation.

Each next level will be a little harder than the previous one, so you can constantly develop your talent.

Get prizes for daily login and complete special tasks.

In the in-game store, where offers are updated daily, you can purchase boosters and decorations for in-game currency or real money.

It is not necessary to spend real money, the game is free and first of all skill helps to win.

Solitaire Story TriPeaks download for free on Android you will succeed if you follow the link on this page.

Install the game right now and enjoy solving card puzzles in the unusual conditions of a magical world with fabulous inhabitants!

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