Soulland Reloaded

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Soul Land Reloaded is a game in the popular MOBA RPG genre, adapted for mobile devices, thanks to which you can spend an exciting time anywhere. The graphics are bright and colorful in a cartoon style. The performance requirements are not high, so even if you have a slow smartphone or tablet, you will most likely be able to play comfortably on it. The voice acting is done professionally, the music is energetic.

Here is an updated and reimagined version of the cult game Soul Land. This edition has been tested and approved by the developers of the original release.

There are even more

Heroes, and the possibilities for improving and customizing them are much wider.

Complete a short tutorial mission that won't take long because the interface is intuitive and simple, then start playing.

  • Create a team of heroes
  • Participate in battles and gain experience
  • Level up your fighters
  • Collect cards to increase the class of warriors in your squad
  • Communicate with other players in the built-in chat
  • Create guilds and complete group tasks
  • Upgrade your equipment to make your army even stronger

The list is small, but these are only the main activities, in reality there are much more tasks. You can play Soul Land Reloaded for as long as you like and there will always be something to do.

There are no useless materials or hero cards in this case. Resources that you do not need can be converted into useful ones.

Fight in all playable locations and hold victories.

Complete storylines currently available in the game:

  1. Take Tang San's Incredible Journey
  2. Search for Shrek the Seven Devils in the vastness of the game
  3. Visit Seagod Island
  4. Find Soul Beasts

The plot is interesting. It will prepare you for tougher battles with other players or completing collective missions on the network.

Heroes have their own classes, from common to legendary. In order to get a fighter in your squad, you need to get a certain number of cards. After collecting more cards, you will be able to increase the class of this character.

Victory very often depends on the composition of the team. Getting the right team together is an art. You can find ready-made solutions online or experiment on your own.

Check how successfully your fighters can fight together, the easiest way is in duels with squads of other warriors in the arena.

Developers are interested in new players, so they have made efforts so that you can quickly develop and approach the level of experienced warriors.

You will receive generous rewards for logging in, they will be especially useful in the first days of the game.

The in-game store regularly updates the assortment. You can buy hero cards, materials to improve equipment and other useful items. Payment is accepted in the game currency or real money.

You can download

Soul Land Reloaded for free on Android by clicking on the link located on this page.

Start playing right now and create your own invincible squad!

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