Soul of the Ultimate Nation

Alternative names: SUN

Soul of the Ultimate Nation - fantastic multiplayer role-playing game with a dynamic storyline. South Korean project developers of virtual entertainment Webzen. Features already conquered millions of users. The unique game system, amazing graphics, amazing battles deserved awards, the opportunity to improve things, beautiful music Howard Shore - will not leave you indifferent. This mesmerizing action, which the unfolding events in the Middle Ages, will allow you to use their best abilities to undertake the planned tactics to win the other players and destroy the evil monsters, explore and conquer new territories. Do not stop halfway, all solvable problems, the main thing - to believe my luck!

To install the client and start playing the game S un Online you will need a computer with the following parameters:

- OS Windows 2000, XP , VISTA ,

- CPU Pentium 4 1. 8 GHz or higher

- Graphics Geforce TI or 4200 Radeon 9200,

- Driver DirectX 9. 0c;

- Free space on the hard disk 3Gb;

- RAM 512 MB .

By downloading you can pass away after will be passed S un Online registration. Immediately after you notify email address, you'll be sent an email to activate your account. Join in the game S un Live - quick and simple process that enables become a lawful resident of the world in which exciting rage incident.

To begin S un Online play should create your own character. To do this, you must determine the membership of a race, specify the desired name, and select appearance, ie hair, facial features, growth. Available classes offered by S un Online, characterized by some common characteristics and abilities. There are five such classes:

1. Barseki (like bait and ready all his immense power to spend money on production, tough, harsh, accustomed to look only at Future)

2. Valkyrie (good as in the distant and near fights, fast, insightful, have good fighting skills, as well as may, if necessary, summon magical helpers)

3. Knights Dragons (thanks to the immense power can suddenly destroy entire groups of enemies, tough and loyal established laws of honor);

4. Sorceress (Magic Lab graduate with in-depth knowledge of spells that can be used for good as well as in harm. For example, the ability to heal comrades and cause significant damage to enemies)

5. Shadows (considered the most terrible killers, expertly managed with a dagger and a whip, very proud and ruthless know curses and spells ).

Choose your favorite class that you have to master in S un Live and understand the basic elements of gameplay. Let's take them in order.

Teleport - moving from one location to another using teleportation calm. Thus, you can explore new lands, but it is available only with the achievement of a certain level. Also have to spend a little. For each movement you have to pay a certain amount of eymov. As for the development of space, each card has its percentage of funds utilization. Increase this percentage can be different ways. For example, collecting special items, finding valuable chests, killing monsters and captains.

Gain level subjects - improving the basic parameters such as strength, defense, etc. § You have the opportunity to improve their weapons and armor, and this will increase the chances of a victory in battle. To save all the right things, you can seek the help of the master, who is able to create what you ask. S un Online game provides for the use of a variety of items. This wings and potions, and gems, and special and luxury items. It is worth mentioning that some subjects lend themselves to crystallization. Referring to the special NPC, You can get crystal garnet Crystal protection or Crystal destruction.

Cube - is something special among other items. Try to get it by doing the necessary quests. Using it, it can parse and create a variety of useful things.

Seizure of territories - Battle at the Temple of the blood, which are held on Sundays. On the first channel of each server are Gate of the temple. To participate you must be in a guild that time applied.

System requirements - the five elements that make up the ether, which is a source of energy Brokilona. Play S un Online have given the fact that the Fire, Water, Wind, Earth and Darkness linked between an incomprehensible way.

Combat Zone - battlefields that players can create their own. In these areas, you will carry out the mission and improve the character. It's nice that when creating zone for PvP or PvE battles you personally ask the settings and options. Pick and choose whether you arrange a hunt for monsters and earn some money, whether fight with other players, or try performing training tasks.

Dear thrillseekers, S un Online game guarantees you increase your adrenaline! You will not be disappointed, hurry to see this on their own experience! Good luck!

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