Alternative names: SpaceInvasion

Acquainted with the game SpaceInvasion online. Gloss new universes and destruction of worlds that are millions of years old, you can enjoy the scale of this game to the fullest. Online game SpaceInvasion starts in the browser. But before you dive in head stellar battle, look at what the system requirements are for us the game. SpaceInvasion online game runs in a browser. To work correctly, you need to install Adobe Flash Player. Currently supported almost all popular browsers. As for the hardware - enough level and computer Pentium 3 with 16 MB of RAM, the main thing that had access to the Internet.

Join in the game SpaceInvasion not cause even the slightest problem. In order to start playing you need to specify your chosen nickname - the nickname, password, email address, date of birth, country of residence and indicate your acceptance of the terms of this agreement. Register SpaceInvasion gives you the ability to receive news updates games, as well as significant game events to your mailbox, if you wish you can affiliate distribution.

SpaceInvasion online registration allows you to be in one of the world's galaxies. You can create your own star system, or enter into an already existing one.

Center of your star galaxy - the planet that can have many advantages, but there can be drawbacks. One of the main quality parameters of the planet - the availability of resources for development (Kryptonite, ore, metal, spice), the nature of the atmosphere can also complicate your life and energy can produce one of three ways. Also, each planet has its own ambient temperature, its physical dimensions and coordinates in the galaxy. SpaceInvasion online game so that you can quickly improve your planet, economic and military development of the world you can watch in "review of the planet." Also, you have to watch buildings, conduct scientific improvements and build and train fleet.

Play game SpaceInvasion online, always exciting, it helps to relax, but it will stay where you have to use your loaf because without competent, tactical and economic preparation of your fleet and your planet will be destroyed opponents.

If you decide to invest resources in science - this is a very good move, because invistitsii in science bring an increase in the extraction of resources or power of the fleet. Among the buildings worth mentioning mine who are engaged in extraction of metals, kryptonite - two major buildings that provide energy and resources to build. The resulting wealth should be stored in the warehouse. Play online game SpaceInvasion you very often, and you can follow the life of your planet, but do not forget about the battle fleet and any self-respecting player should have its own fleet. In the store you have the opportunity to buy a special job that will work while you play SpaceInvasion. With SpaceInvasion you can play from anywhere with Internet access - whether it's a mobile phone, tablet or old computer. Stellar battle to be breaking out on your planets will give you the opportunity to meet new people and have fun.

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