Spider-Man: Miles Morales

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Spider-Man Miles Morales is another game based on the Spiderman comics. In the game you will see top-level graphics. The voice acting is performed by professional actors, and the music creates an atmosphere.

The name of the main character of the game is Miles Morales, it was him that Peter Parker chose as his successor. When danger looms over New York Marvel, there is not a minute to lose, you need to put on the Spiderman costume and save the city and its inhabitants from the forces of evil.

Before you can play Spider-Man Miles Morales you will need to go through a little tutorial, but it won't take long. It will be more difficult for Miles, he will have to master new features already during the game.

To more effectively fight evil, he needs to learn:

  • Create poisonous bio-explosions that can easily disable even multiple enemies at the same time
  • Learn to use camouflage that makes it almost invisible
  • Use gadgets effectively to get up-to-date information

In addition, it is necessary to combine acrobatics with the use of webs. Much of this arsenal was not even available to his mentor, but talented and diligent students always surpass the teacher in time.

The enemies of the hero in the game will be a vile energy corporation and a whole army of villains equipped with the latest technology. The streets will become a battlefield, and in the course of the battle, many will have to sacrifice for the sake of victory.

Moving around the city is like parkour, but in fact, the use of the web makes the chase even more spectacular.

Winter New York looks beautiful and you will have the opportunity to admire the snow-covered streets and facades of buildings. Miles has recently moved to this city and everything is new to him. It's not easy to feel at home in the biggest city on the planet. Gradually, in the course of the struggle, each street will become familiar to the hero, and he will finally find a new home.

The combat system is not too complicated. There are a lot of tricks and skills, but thanks to thoughtful management, it will not be difficult for you to figure out all this arsenal.

Don't forget to upgrade your hero's stats as you gain experience. This will make it easier for you to move on. Enemies will become stronger and more inventive, and their number will force you to exert all your strength to defeat them.

Miles will not be alone throughout this journey, over time he will have many friends who will help him in any way they can. But naturally, the hero will have to perform the most difficult and dangerous tasks alone.

The game will definitely appeal to all fans of the Marvel universe. She looks like she stepped out of the pages of a comic book. But even if by some miracle you are not familiar with this fantastic world. It's still worth trying to play, most likely you will like it, the story is interesting, and the character of the game is sympathetic.

Spider-Man Miles Morales download for free on PC, unfortunately, will not work. You can buy the game on the Steam portal or on the official website.

Install the game now and make Peter Parker proud of his successor!

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