StarCraft Universe

Alternative names: StarCraft Universe
Tell me, are you interested in mystical images, their capabilities, unpredictable temper? Then the proposed product will not leave you indifferent. Game StarCraft Universe is a fantastic dynamic, and most importantly exciting gameplay. It will be shown in the form of custom maps with Battle. net. The game will be divided into two main parts: a network and a single. Events occur in a single piece in an alternate universe. In the long term play might have from a third party. The emphasis in a single game is on a dizzying plot and exciting battles. With regards to the network part, gamers will have more opportunities, particularly for customization of weapons and characters, the widest range of possible monsters and the ability to configure the gameplay. In StarCraft Universe pc pretty minerals play an important role, which later can be used when purchasing goods and weapons. With regards to the characters, so they can create and store up to eight pieces. Exists in the game StarCraft Universe classes, namely eight characters for four classes for each race. The main ones are: Veterans, Protos, Zerg. Protoss is reasonable humanoids planet very advanced technologically. In combat, they rely on their psionic abilities. But the building they can produce only within its force field. Tehrani is internally displaced them from their native places. According to its technologies resemble humans, but very difficult to manage. Zerg is the enemy of all people, in appearance resemble crawling insects. Aggressors their collective intelligence capture planet after another, it is impossible to negotiate with them. Considerable trouble in battles can deliver StarCraft Universe bosses, they are very smart and strong. In general the game is preparing a lot of surprises. StarCraft Universe survey shows only the general features of the game, but for anyone to play and what strategy to use it is up to you. At this point in one of the game may involve up to five players. You can simultaneously manage only one major player, while it is possible to contain mercenaries and animals. In order to play StarCraft Universe only necessary that the computer had an Internet connection, and you have been registered on the official website of the game. Then you can pretty quickly and easily StarCraft Universe download and install the game on your personal computer. Then you can begin to learn the subtleties and, of course, just take the first steps in the game. Before proceeding directly to the game you have the opportunity to view illustrative StarCraft Universe introductory video that will answer some questions. But nothing can compare to what most would try all the charm of the game, so proceed as soon as possible! And let the circumstances in the game your character favor. Yes victory of good over evil!
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