Star Thunder

Alternative names: Star Thunder
Russian studio Gaijin Entertainment - a company that intends to bring the domestic gaming industry to a new level. Every once their project only demonstrates a willingness to work on and improve. To date, the game is simply Star Thunder project in development. However, in the near term GE representatives promised to show his creation to the public. Remembering the previous work of the company, you can almost one hundred percent to be sure that Star Thunder pc does not disappoint. Hearing that work on a new game is already underway, gamers and numerous critics intensified, began discussing the project on forums and blogs. Unfortunately, the domestic production of the game indulges novelties infrequently, so the output of each new project may well be associated with this holiday. Much to say about the new game Star Thunder our review can not, however, managed to collect some information. So, Star Thunder - a project that will be executed in the original genre. If you believe the rumors, it will soon record Gaijin Entertainment replenish unique space-fighter aircraft made in the best traditions of MMO-style. This can hardly be called a popular genre, but knowing how thoroughly and developers mentally fit to any of your project, we can assume that they already have a plan on how and what to draw attention to the new product announced. From the words of the developers, play Star Thunder will be testing out a new technology created by quality single-player campaign. The latter will most likely need to get used to the player controls and imagine what will happen during gameplay. Legend of the project also looks original and unusual. GE developers decided not to change the style, which is why all the events will occur again during the Second World War. Of demonstrated at the official conference dedicated to Star Thunder, video becomes clear that humanity suddenly back in the past. This phenomenon was triggered by the atomic bomb tests, cause a temporary loop. In the 48th century, the modern inhabitants of the earth no one does not want to see. A treacherous Predtichi - the strongest race - and at the situation and decided to take to colonize the planet. The ruling race was not taken into account only one point, people who have got them into the world, only recently experienced the horrors of war, but because they still had a lot of different weapons power and strength. Also, people know how to use it to benefit the development of military technology - and this can be a powerful "ace up his sleeve." Soon Star Thunder download will be as easy as the rest of Gaijin, and every gamer will be smart and offer original solutions of how to survive in a particular atmosphere, demonstrate their skills of warfare.
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