Star Trek Alien Land

Alternative names: Star Trek Alien Land

Game Star Trek Alien Land new reality.

iPlayer Star Trek Alien Earth promises to be for all the people are open to the first quarter of 2016. Developers today announced that they expect the first registered users in it now, promising them starter kits that will give an advantage in the future. After the game in free access to the post office indicated on the registration form will come the start of the project notice.

Based on Star Trek released a huge amount of media products, a generation has grown at a fantastic history of Star Trek. This universe is the most developed of all the existing fictional worlds.

Game Star Trek Alien Earth space will be filled with exciting adventures, battles in the open expanse of the galaxies and the large number of aircraft of the most incredible modifications. From releases and screenshots, which we will gradually spread to the visible grid, which schedule is going to be very high quality, on it can be seen not only spaceships and large planets scattered throughout the universe, but also the smaller asteroids and other space debris, which can cause considerable damage to the aerial unit.

It is known that the game is multiplayer, browser-based, the client needs to download the program will not be. To begin playing the iconic Star Trek Alien Land registration is required, and at this end special requirements. Within a month from the start of the game it will be available on Web sites, and then appear in social networks.



The first news about the game Star Trek Alien land.

According to the first data from the authors of all the actions in the game will take place in the liquid space, where players will have the honor to investigate it. In the genre of the game can be attributed to the strategies for a wide range of users, that is, the player does not require any special skills, it just may be a good time with your friends, but in the course of development and updates, features and functions will become much more .

V Star Trek Alien Land play can be in one of the two factions, and the third is going to be against all, and to join it will not work:

  • Obedinennaya federation of planets - in addition to her Vulcan  vhodyat earthly beings, it is a philosophy of combining democracy and science;
  • Kolgonskaya Empire - solves the problem of power is very militant,
  • Vid 8472 - tyrants both races, they crave destruction and reconstruction have already installed the world, extremely aggressive.

busy and tasks in the game will be enough, players will have to rebuild from scratch space base by setting up in it everything - control, life support, that is necessary for the production of life and production resources, greatly limited in open space. We already know that one of the most important resources will be other metal crystals. The game will be getting the containers, but they are not open without a special key. It is necessary to establish a research and development and production, to build its own fleet and to increase its size and improve performance throughout the game.

Play the game Star Trek Alien Earth have not only engaged in routine economic component, the players are waiting for the hot interstellar battles, as enemies controlled by artificial intelligence, and real players, located in front of monitors of their own computers. Player interaction involves not only the war, as part of the faction can build alliances, together, can win over the strongest and most formidable opponent.

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