Star Wars: Jedi Knight

Alternative names: Star Wars: Jedi Knight
Star Wars: Jedi Knight - a computer game in the genre of shooter from the first and third person. Game Star Wars: Jedi Knight released back in 2003. As already clear from the title - Star Wars Jedi Knight, the game is presented based on the cult film "Star Wars." But that's just an action game developed ten years after the events that developed in the part of the movie "Star Wars. Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. " The game has, like all its parts, and they are not few, the recognition has many fans. Even if you have not watched the movie, but still have no clue, it's worth to play it. After reading this review, the official website of the game can also get acquainted with the presented Star Wars: Jedi Knight video. So you get a short, superficial understanding of the gameplay. And there, on site, you can play Star Wars: Jedi Knight download. In the game world you will see the location filled with fantasy and fantastic fictional characters that you are already familiar with the film. In this part of the Star Wars: Jedi Knight, of the entire series of games Star Wars, you are given the opportunity to create your character. You choose from five races, gender and clothing. And in the future will be able to change colors, styles of clothing and appearance of the hero. Also, your choice of a lightsaber, more accurate and external parameters and functional. The main part of the game is based on the performance of tasks, thus replacing locations. In the game Star Wars: Jedi Knight, you can play one of these characters: Jaden; Rosh Penin; Tavion Axmis; Alora; Kyle Katarn; Luke Skywalker; Marka Ragnos; Boba Fett; Rex Joris. Jaden - the main character in the game. Before him the choice of light or dark side. Rosh Penin - best friend Jaden. Help in choosing sides. Tavion Axmis - presented as a leading antagonist in the game. Alora - clever thief becomes vperekor Dzheyzhenu. Kyle Katarn - a mentor to his fellow Jedi and Roche. Always there with them. Luke Skywalker - Jedi Academy is headed. Master of the protagonist. Marka Ragnos - already dead hero who is trying to resurrect his followers. Boba Fett - the enemy of the protagonist. against the destruction of weapons on the planet. Rex Joris - Dosuin commandant on the planet. Had an altercation with Jaden. And of course, many other heroes do not play an important role. Star Wars: Jedi Knight weapon is presented in the same fantastic shape, as well as game characters. Developments game goes one way, but the end has two options. His choice depends on you. The game Star Wars Jedi has many admirers. After all, it is presented in superb graphics with, at a sufficient level study. And soundtrack successfully completes the overall picture of the game, and it all though the game and released a long time. Even if you have not watched the movie, the game Star Wars: Jedi Knight is still worth playing. And do not forget to tell you about the game to their comrades. And let together in a fantastic stay and fight. Good luck gameplay! Thank you for your attention!
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