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Steelrising is a great action RPG. Here you will see incredible quality graphics. The music is chosen very well, the voice acting is realistic.

The action takes place in an alternate reality, where during the Middle Ages, mechanics developed to the highest level. You have to become a participant in the revolution in France.

King Louis 16 has gone mad and is terrorizing the population of the city with automatons he controls. An ordinary person can not cope with these soulless mechanical warriors.

But fortunately for the common people, a new kind of automaton called the Aegis has been created. It is they who you have to manage, making your way through all of Paris in order to destroy the main villain.

The fights in which you will take part are extremely spectacular, and the mechanical bosses that the main character will have to fight with can instill fear in anyone.

Only you decide how to fight:

  • Formidable Warrior
  • Courageous Defender
  • Deadly Dancer
  • Elementalist

Each battle school has its own strengths and weaknesses, during the game you can decide which one you like best. You can play Steelrising and achieve the victory of the revolution using any of the combat schools.

But not only speed and strength decide the outcome of the fight. Be smart, use the surrounding objects to get a better position during the attack, or to prevent the enemy from attacking you.

Most of the bosses are much stronger. In no case should you stay in place for a long time, otherwise you will be destroyed. Sometimes it may seem that the enemy is too strong, but each of them has weaknesses, your task is to find them. Experiment with different tactics and you will definitely win!

Explore every corner of the uprising city. Defeat enemies to become a more experienced fighter and unlock new skills or improve available ones. Find resources and make the Aegis even deadlier with better weapons and more.

Moving around the city is like parkour. It's not just boring running or walking from one point on the map to another. You can use any items on the street while moving. Make spectacular jumps and somersaults. Use the vehicles you meet to move even faster. Jump on the carriages and shorten the path in this way.

Although what happens in the alternate universe is very different from how it was with us, nevertheless, there are many similarities between our stories.

During the game, you will get the opportunity to meet and communicate with many historical figures of those times. Here you will see Robespierre, meet Lafayette and even talk to Marie Antoinette.

Find out what motivated these individuals to do certain things. Unravel the conspiracies and stop the villain who single-handedly keeps the whole country in fear with the help of mechanisms!

Steelrising download for free on PC, unfortunately, there is no way. You can buy the game on the Steam portal or on the official website.

Start playing right now, the revolution needs you!

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