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Stormshot is an unusual mobile strategy. The game has good graphics, high-quality voice acting and pleasant music.

The game begins with you arriving at a mysterious treasure island. The first step is to settle down there and build a base camp.

  • Conquer new lands
  • Upgrade the camp
  • Find hidden treasures
  • Defeat armies of enemies
  • Play mini games
  • Get resources

These and many other tasks will be your task in this game.

Leaders will be needed to lead armies. Each of these heroes has its own unique set of skills that apply to all warriors under his leadership.

Battles with enemy armies and barbarians inhabiting the vastness of the island take place automatically. The outcome of the battle is decided by the number and strength of warriors led by your hero commander.

You will never get tired of playing Stormshot, at the moment there are more than three hundred levels in the game. You don't have to do the same tasks over and over again.

The surface of the island is covered with mists, concealing both hordes of enemies and untold riches, as well as rare artifacts.

Periodically, during your travels, you will be challenged in the form of mini-games where you will need to be smart and find a way to hit the enemy before he can do the same.

Each Treasure of the Ancient Sea Gods you find will make your troops stronger. The more of these artifacts you get into your hands, the easier it will be to deal with enemies.

Fortify your citadel otherwise if it is captured by the enemy, your heroes will have no place to return to and you will be defeated.

Take care to constantly expand the controlled territory. After all, there will be more and more troops under your leadership, and they will be stronger, which means that there will be a lot of resources for their maintenance and recruitment of new fighters.

Make friends all over the world, chat with friends and work together to complete tasks where you can't do it alone.

The game receives frequent updates in which developers add new levels, tasks and fix bugs.

In the game, you will receive daily and weekly login rewards, and by the holidays you will have the opportunity to participate in special events and receive unique rewards.

In the in-game store, you will have the opportunity to purchase gold and other valuable resources for money, which will help you achieve success in the game faster. And incredibly strong heroes will make your armies almost invincible. But making purchases is not mandatory, you can play without it, but the developers will definitely be pleased to receive financial gratitude from the players. The assortment of the store is updated daily and sometimes there are very tempting offers and promotions.

You can download

Stormshot for free on Android right here by clicking on the link on this page.

Start playing and become the greatest warrior in the magical world! Get incredible power and power thanks to ancient artifacts!

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