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Stray is a very unusual game that can only conditionally be classified as a simulation or RPG. This is, to a certain extent, a true simulator of a cat, or a cat, as you like to think. The gender of the animal is not explicitly indicated in the game. The graphics are good, but some of the textures may not seem quite clear, this can be forgiven for the game as the detail of the world as a whole is impressive. The musical arrangement is excellent, the music sets the right atmosphere, and the cat purring cutely when performing certain actions makes you smile.

After you start playing Stray, you will have a lot of important things to do.

  • run
  • Jump
  • Damage upholstered furniture
  • meow
  • Save an entire civilization of sentient robots from a dreary existence

At the beginning of the game, you are in the form of a cat running and exploring the remains of the city after the disappearance of human civilization. Having made a careless jump, the hero of the game falls many levels lower, but does not die because cats have 7 lives, but comes to his senses and starts his way to the upper levels to his friends. Wandering around the area in which you find yourself, you will find that this place is called Vault City 99.

You will first encounter a small robot bot called bi-12, which will be very useful during your adventures, as it will translate the speech of the local population into cat language for you.

The shelter is inhabited by 99 humanoid robots that have been living there for many centuries, trying to imitate the life of people in everything. They are very longing and want to be in the upper world on the ocean, feel the breath of the breeze and admire the sunrises.

They are prevented from leaving by a small and extremely aggressive species of hatcrabs. These creatures inhabit the abandoned neighborhoods of the city and try to devour literally everything.

There are legends that this species developed from mutated human microbes. At some stage of evolution, these little monsters began to eat even metal, no worse than rust. That is why they pose a serious threat to robots.

The game does not have a deep philosophical meaning, but the plot is spelled out quite well. A cat helping a man-made race to overcome difficulties looks touching.

All the habits of the cat are conveyed very accurately. Animations look extremely realistic. It is felt that the creators of the game have been studying these animals for many hours. But do not think that this is a simulator with complete freedom of action, where you can explore the world around you indefinitely. All movements and actions are provided. The developers have clearly defined the boundaries of the areas where you can go and objects with which you can interact. I wouldn't say it's particularly disappointing. It was this decision that made it possible to draw and animate every action of the protagonist so realistically.

The plot of the game is linear, and you will not see any branches and additional quests, as well as many finals. But at the same time, the game leaves an extremely pleasant impression. It gives you the opportunity to spend an evening or two in the company of good music, beautiful landscapes of the post-apocalyptic world, while controlling a cute animal solving a complex and responsible task.

Stray download for free on PC, it will not work, unfortunately. You can purchase the game from the Steam marketplace.

The game was not expensive at the time of release. Now it is often sold at a discount and gives a lot of positive emotions for a small fee. You can start playing right now!

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