Alternative names: StreetCrime

Not rest on their laurels and Russian developers of online games. Not so long ago the game was presented StreetCrime. This project may be known to you in its previous versions. Now he is more refined, updated and improved. The game's plot vaguely reminiscent of all previous versions. Action in the game takes place after the terrible crisis that hit all major Mafia families. This triggered the beginning of a wild struggle for control and power over the restoration of a small amount of remaining resources.

In StreetCrime online vividly describes the events of the subsequent war occurring between mafia clans, which does not leave a single live track - only chaos and devastation. City streets into dangerous traps from aggressive regime change, but that would be under the new managers, can not know anybody. What can you do in this whole situation? You will be able to regain power and to give peace to the world!

Many players have noticed the similarity of the graphic design of this game with glorious GTA. Enough flattering comparison, is not it?

This is the traditional online game, but because you and you can already guess that in StreetCrime registration process will be required. The project has adapted for English-speaking users interface, because any player can not only deal with the principle of form filling, but also easily understand the basic principles of the game.

By clicking "Play Now. Free Sign Up ", you can start the registration process.

Read carefully all the hint system and fill the form fields in the order, then you can start to play StreetCrime.

Also, everyone can start the game, used to authorize their data in social networks Facebook or Twitter.

After entering the project you have in the account appears five thousand dollars, which at the best scenario, you have enough for a couple of days. So before you become initially task - to find the most appropriate way to earn money. Since the modern world, in which the more there is disassembled mafia too hard, then you will have to earn accordingly. What can you do? Rob, steal cars, engaged in procuring, selling drugs or even kill. Play the game StreetCrime can dynamically. This is a game full of dangers and adventures. All this tense situation will help you forget about the real problems playing, you can truly escape and let yourself relax.


Make you money you can invest in the purchase of real estate, cars, entertainment, security and other excesses. The richer you become, the more chances you will take the place of The Godfather. But be careful, because even the godfather may well be put behind bars. Take care of your protection and think about opening his own law firm. And the most interesting thing to play StreetCrime free.

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