Stronghold 2

Alternative names: Stronghold 2
Game Stronghold 2 was perhaps the most awaited project of its line. She has managed to successfully combine the best qualities of the strategy, the leading real-time, and economic simulator. As developers of the project was the company «Firefly Studios». Games was presented to the public in 2005. Since then, the project does not rest his fans and daily gaining army of new fans. The essence of the game is quite simple, it seems at first glance. However, you should only try the first task, as consciousness is absorbed immediately and throughout the game entirely. game Stronghold 2 will help you go back to the medieval era. Yes, you have to see with my own eyes all the events of the legendary times of incessant rebellions and wars. You personally will witness the fight lords waged for power in England, which remained without a king exposed fatal, if I may say so, of danger. To start the game, you will like it is the case with most games, have previously Stronghold 2 download. The game is good enough, but not as demanding as most modern projects - you need just a few minutes to download and install it. And thanks to a kind of "unassuming" project will work fine on all modern computers and laptops of average. Of course, on your shoulders, and your character will fall the burden of responsibility for the salvation of England. You have to play Stronghold 2 with the responsibility to complete all missions and out. Your hero will have to go from a simple military courageous and brave to the country's leader, capable to restore order in England, returning to their seats. For character development need different resources. You can build different buildings: the military, workshops, mines, the so-called Kitchens. The more various buildings will stand in your area, the more farmers will be able to be employed (for free post unemployed hired automatically, you do not have to do extra). Further our Stronghold 2 review will tell you that some types of buildings gamer can build only when the special points of "honor" (points awarded for successful participation in battles, tournaments. Try your hand the player can in various campaigns. So, you will unlock new maps present a unique mission. You can optionally engage in construction of buildings, to fight for a place on the throne or gradually go to the top, starting from the bottom. The plot of each of the stories is interesting in its own way. Project schedule was so good for its time, even today, the project does not seem out of date or irrelevant. To my own eyes to see the major benefits of the project, it will be possible to see Stronghold 2 video trailer. A better course, download the game and test yourself!
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