Stronghold 3

Alternative names: Stronghold 3
Stronghold 3 game - it's a great strategy, filmed in real time. As developers of the project were constant all the same, familiar from previous parts of the game, the company Firefly Studios. This part of the line was released relatively recently - in 2011. This game is the second project done in real time after Stronghold Crusader. The game uses the updated system construction of locks, as close to reality. Yes, as a state gamers who have already managed to try their luck in the project, the game Stronghold 3 grips with even greater force. And it is realistic figures as one of the main benefits. In addition, specific surroundings and gives improved graphics, built on an entirely new engine. To the game started for you, as well as usually it happens with all games of this line, you must first be pre Stronghold 3 download. Next, get ready for what you will get acquainted with several new game modes. One of the most favorite players innovations - the night of the siege. It looks really amazing, makes focus and sharpens all the senses. Preliminary review of Stronghold 3 developers also narrated about the latest opportunities and assault. What? On it you can learn by starting a personal acquaintance with the game. Also highlighted the possibility of using the new additions called "night." This is something like a phenomenon of "fog of war", occurring in various other games. Today, the "night" is widely used in battles in multiplayer mode and during sieges. As the professional critics and fans of the game, Stronghold 3 is much more interesting to play. Making the project design is more like the first game. Developers had realized the function of buildings changes. Now the closer the building will be in relation to the castle, the more rich and flavorful it will be. In this part of the project, as well as in its predecessor, the main emphasis was placed on the development of economic and military units. All gamers on their own will be able to choose one or another scheme of development and implement it within their own unique strategy. For different directions prepared various tasks and quests, but all the storylines are intertwined. Stronghold has prepared for you a more stringent development because now feed their workers will not be as easy as before, it will make all the moves to think thoroughly and carefully reflect on the plan of development of the territory. In general, it is worth noting that the project was a success. Quality and interesting - a worthy continuation of the illustrious line. And so you can visualize all the major innovations and additions, we encourage you to look to Stronghold 3 video trailer, where all the news are described in all its glory.
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