Sun Haven

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Sun Haven is one of the best farm games. But to consider this game just a farm is not entirely correct, the game is much more interesting. The graphics are in a classic style, everything is very beautifully drawn, the artists did a good job. The musical content is not inferior to anything and perfectly complements what is visible on the screen.

Before playing Sun Heaven, you will find a character editor that deserves attention in this game. You choose the gender and appearance for the main character. And this choice is not just among several options for heroes. Everything is customizable, hairstyle, skin color, even the look, and the presence of wings for some races.

Races in game four:

  • People
  • Demons
  • Amari
  • Elementals

Representatives of all races look very attractive, choose to play any of them.

In addition, you will have to dream up a name for the created character.

The game begins with the protagonist heading in a very unusual train to a town called Sun Haven. The train is unusual in that a real dragon is used instead of a locomotive with a driver. During the trip, an interesting conversation is struck up with a fellow traveler named Lynn. She tells that, according to rumors, monsters appear in the vicinity of the town from time to time and harm the inhabitants and the city itself. You remain silent as you listen to her story and make a wish of your choice depending on what stat bonus your hero gets upon arriving at the location.

After arriving at the station and admiring the miracle train that brought you, you go to the place allotted for you to build a house. Along the way, become a witness of the conversation between the archmage and the head of the city guard. Both of them look very worried.

Once on the site, choose exactly where you want to place your housing and place your house on the chosen place. As soon as you go inside, a guest named Ann will visit you and sell you gardening tools and some seeds for planting for a small fee. In the future, you can buy the missing items in her shop.

Next, it is worth clearing the site and laying out the beds. Watering and other household chores.

The game is not like many of the farms, there is no need to constantly cycle through the same actions. Household chores alternate with trips around the neighborhood, interesting conversations and even battles with monsters.

Over time, you can ask the measurer to improve your house for a small fee and even build other buildings on your lot.

Looking into the inventory, you will see a lot of slots for various things. And a skill tree that has four directions. You choose which one to develop. It's better to focus on the economy first, such as additional gold every day and skills that speed up movement, and then develop combat skills.

There are many possibilities. There are many different shops in the town nearby. Over time, you can even get a pet that will constantly entertain you.

The day ends at 12 at night and by this time it is better to be at home. Sleeping on streets where monsters can roam at night is not a good idea.

The game has multiplayer, so you definitely won't get bored.

Sun Haven download for free on PC, unfortunately, will not work. You can purchase the game on the Steam platform or on the official website.

Start playing now to find yourself in a colorful magical world where you will find many new friends and fun entertainment!

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