Sunrise Village: Family Farm

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Sunrise Village: Family Farm farm game for mobile platforms. Here you will find excellent quality graphics, good voice acting and fun music.

In the game, you will go to your grandfather's farm to help him with the farm. A real balloon will take you there.

  • Explore the area around the village where the farm is located
  • Communicate with the locals and complete their tasks
  • Help grandfather with chores
  • Expand the fields and establish the production of new products and products

Here is a short list of what you will be doing in the game. The plot is quite interesting, as you progress, more and more activities and pleasant chores await you.

Exploring the surroundings, you can find a lot of useful things, these are farm decor items, building materials and valuable relics. During such hikes, you will sometimes need to make your way through the forest, bushes and other obstacles. Overcoming difficulties consumes energy, which is replenished after a while. But sometimes you can, while traveling, find artifacts and fruits that give an instant bonus in the form of additional energy.

There are a lot of

locations in the game and you do not need to worry that they will end soon, and after that the game will be boring. Nothing like this will happen, with the release of updates in the game, new interesting places appear where incredible adventures await you.

The farther you move on the map, the more impassable the terrain will be, and more energy will be needed for further advancement.

Even in between trips, you will have something to do, because the farm needs care. Animals need care, and fields need timely watering.

Over time, the farm will grow from a small farm into a huge enterprise, the management of which will be quite a difficult task. But you will definitely manage, and if not, grandfather will tell you what to do. The farm is located near a small village where many interesting characters live. Get to know everyone, find out how they live. From some of them you can get additional tasks, completing which you can earn a generous reward.

Log in regularly and get daily and weekly login bonuses. On holidays, take part in themed competitions with exclusive prizes. It can be very beautiful and rare decor items or other useful things.

Looking into the in-game store, you will get the opportunity to spend a small amount of real money, get additional energy, boosters and premium currency, which will make it possible to purchase almost anything in the game. It is not at all necessary to make such purchases and without them you will be able to achieve success in the game, it will just take a little longer.

If you get a little lonely playing Sunrise Village: Family Farm, there is a solution. By connecting social network profiles in the game, you will be able to show your friends and acquaintances your achievements. In addition, the developers will please you with a small bonus for this.


Sunrise Village: Family Farm for free on Android by clicking on the link on this page.

Start playing now to get into the magical world, get to know its inhabitants and help take care of the grandfather's farm!

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