Sunshine Island

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Sunshine Island farm with elements of a city-building simulator. You can play on mobile devices. The game has beautiful 3d graphics in a cartoon style and good voice acting. Music is fun.

This time you have to create a dream island located in the tropics.

The arrangement of the island will take a lot of time, but this is exactly the case when the process brings no less pleasure than the result.

Before you start, think of a name for this fabulous place.

In order to make it easier for you to get used to the game, the developers have prepared hints.

A lot of things are waiting for you:

  • Explore the island
  • Obtain building materials
  • Meet and interact with the locals
  • Sow the fields and harvest
  • Build a cozy and spacious living house, workshops and animal enclosures
  • Join alliances and chat with other players

All this will allow you to have fun and exciting time when you play Sunshine Island.

At first, you need to focus on exploring the area around and building the main buildings. This will allow you to get enough food and other resources. Only after you have all this, you can start decorating the territory.

After a while, you will run out of space to build new buildings. Fortunately, there is an opportunity to expand your possessions by purchasing additional adjacent plots.

You have the opportunity to make the island unique by arranging the buildings the way you like. Outdoor decorations and garden furniture will help make your farm a recognizable environment for thousands of others.

Money is easiest to earn by inviting visitors, but the sale of manufactured products and other products will bring substantial income.

buyers are real people. It is possible to adjust the prices of all goods offered for sale. Try not to sell too cheap, but also do not set too high prices, otherwise it will be difficult to find buyers.

Thanks to the built-in chat, you will be able to chat with other players, but first you need to join an existing alliance or create your own by choosing an attractive name.

There is a change of seasons in the game, and during seasonal holidays there will be an opportunity to win unique prizes in thematic competitions.

Regularly visiting the game you will be able to receive daily and weekly activity rewards. In addition, like any other farm, your enterprise requires constant care.

There is an opportunity to purchase the missing building materials and other useful items in the in-game store. The range is regularly updated and there are often discounts. You can pay for purchases with both in-game currency and real money. Spend money or not, only you decide you can play without it.

An internet connection is required to play.

Sunshine Island free download for Android you can use the link on this page.

Start playing right now to create your own tropical paradise and take a break from business.

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