Super City

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Super City is an interesting city planning simulator with farm elements. You can play on mobile devices running Android. The graphics in the game are beautiful and bright, like in a cartoon. All characters and animals are voiced realistically. The music is cheerful and cheerful.

Develop your farm and earn money to expand the city and build unique buildings that will attract tourists and delight the townspeople.

Only a professional can handle such difficult matters. Complete several training missions and learn how to operate the game interface.

Before a small town under your control grows to the size of a metropolis, you have a lot to do.

  • Sow the fields and reap a rich harvest
  • Keep and care for animals on the farm
  • Build workshops and produce items to sell
  • Take up cooking
  • Set up income-generating trading
  • Build residential knowledge, restaurants, cinemas and entertainment complexes in the city
  • Expand your territory by exploring new areas of the map
  • Play mini-games to have fun
  • Chat with other players, find new friends and create associations to help each other

All this and much more awaits you while playing Super City.

At the beginning of the game, it is best to pay maximum attention to the areas of activity that bring the greatest profit and only after that start decorating the territory.

You decide for yourself what your city will be like. In Super City there are more than 1000 objects that can be built, thanks to this, each city will be unique and inimitable. Arrange buildings so that their architectural styles complement each other.

In suitable places it will be possible to create park areas, install monuments and art objects.

By teaming up with other players it is possible to complete tasks much faster and expand the city.

The developers tried to make playing Super City on Android interesting every day. Don't forget to visit the game and receive daily and weekly prizes for logging in.

The game is under active development, updates are often released that expand capabilities and add content.

There are very interesting characters among the residents of the town; fulfill their requests and they will generously reward you for your efforts.

If you get tired of the hassle, you will have the opportunity to relax by playing one of the many mini-games.

On holidays there is an opportunity to take part in themed events with interesting prizes. At this time, it is better to visit Super City more often.

The in-game store regularly updates the range of decorations, building materials and other resources, stay tuned for updates and don’t miss out on discounts. Some goods can be purchased for game currency, some for real money.

In order to play Super City you need a stable Internet connection.

Super City can be downloaded for free on Android by following the link on this page.

Start playing right now to start farming and build the city of your dreams with the money you earn!

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