Super Monday Night Combat

Alternative names: Super Monday Night Combat

Game Super Monday Night Combat is an online computer game, created in the style of action with a humorous direction. This game is a command.


In-Game Super Monday Night Combat registration is in English. You must do the following steps to register in the game Super Monday Night Combat:

1) Find game Super Monday Night Combat on the Internet.

2) The first page of the site click on the link GAMERS FIRST.

3) Then you will need to be on the page that appears click on « Register now » .

4) In the first line, enter the Email Address (email address).

5) Then enter the Password (password). It should consist of 6 to 16 characters.

6) Enter Confirm Password (again you need to write your password).

7) Then enter your birth date.

8) Enter the CAPTCHA (code on the picture).

9) Review the User Agreement and other rules. If you agree with them, mark cells in which to talk about them.

10) Press « Join now ».

After this, you will need to verify your account and download the game client with an additional site. And only after that you can play Super Monday Night Combat.

Before you start to play the game online Super Monday Night Combat You should familiarize yourself with the system requirements to your PC:

XP (SP3) / Vista / Windows 7 - OS (operating system).

2 GHz - Processor (CPU).

1 GB - RAM (random access memory)

512 MB (NVIDIA GeForce 7800 series or ATI Radeon X1900) - Graphics (graphics)

9. 0c - DirektX

2 GB - Hard Drive (HDD)

DirektX 9. 0c - Sound (sound).

In-Game Super Monday Night Combat You can play either "Blitz» (Blitz), or select "Crossfire» (Crossfire).

These modes are as follows:

1) Blitz - in this mode, you can select classes to practice a variety of weapons and set yourself up for the game. This single-player mode as well as a group of gamers can play.

2) Crossfire - in this mode, there are two teams, which consist of these players, so is this mode multiplayer.

In-Game Super Monday Night Combat online has six classes. Two of these are presented below:

1) "Tank" - a powerful class that is always striving to achieve their goals.

2) Assassin - is a girl who is the real killer, and can become invisible. Beware of her, because she can make a stab in the back.

Super MNC game that will give you a lot of positive emotions in a team game, where you will experience a cohesive team spirit. But also to practice and training, you can play in single-player mode, which will bring you a lot of experience.

Sign in the game Super Monday Night Combat with his friends to make the game more interesting and exciting.

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the game Super Monday Night Combat online, and you will feel the pleasure of the time spent and lessons learned in the world of computer games online!


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