The Way of the Sword

Alternative names: Sword sword

To those who love adventure, the game Path of the sword will love it. Bright, with a great storyline and just excellent gameplay, it can not leave anyone indifferent. The project implemented a fairly large number of special effects - all for the sake of gameplay fun. The game will give you a unique opportunity to protect ordinary civilians from offenders. To do this, just need to take the path of the sword.

Registration in the game

The sword path is a great browser game. This means that before the start of the gameplay you will not need to bother installing heavy programs or clients. The main thing that will be required in the project is the path of the sword registration. Pass it completely easy.

  1. Click on "Play Now!" "to get to the registration form page.
  2. In the first line, specify the address of your email inbox.
  3. The second line is for the game name.
  4. In the third and fourth field, record your unique password to log into your account and confirm it.

All of the above actions can be neglected if you use the data from your account registered in one of the social networks:

  • Vkontakte;
  • Social students;
  • My Mir;
  • Facebook.

For the same gamers who previously had to register on the portal 101ХР. com, the game Sword Saga and does begin without delay - you can enter using previously registered data.

Gaming features

I would just like to rejoice those who have already started playing the Path of the sword in social networks. The project allows you to link social network accounts to simply continue the gameplay. The choice of the game so far is available only two servers, and this at this stage is more than enough. Choose where to play the Path of the sword will be more convenient for you and start exploring the project. The game will start with character creation. There are three main classes to choose from:

  • Strong and mighty warriors who handle weapons perfectly. They and their skill - perhaps the most reliable protection.
  • Mags have the gift of healing. In addition, they can freely use the powerful magic of moon stones to defeat the enemy.
  • 10,000 Shooters are able to hit targets equally well in both near and far distances.

It remains to give his hero a name.

The path of the sword online will meet you with a clear learning process. Although you will get "from ship to ball", everything will be clear. Your main task is to explore the map and complete missions. The latter are displayed in the panel on the right. For completing tasks you can get bonus points, experience points, money and equipment. Earn virtual currency to improve your character, buy him the best equipment, weapons, charms. Do not forget that this is an online game. That is, you can interact with real people. Join alliances, negotiate assistance or fight.

Characteristics of characters

When you play the Path of the sword, carefully monitor the characteristics of your character. The most important are the following indicators:

  • health points;
  • points of resistance;
  • ;
  • effect from blow;
  • effect of reducing and increasing damage.

B The path of the sword online clothing is important. Outfits bring additional fashion bonuses:

  • endurance;
  • ataki;
  • defense;
  • critical strike;
  • breakdown;
  • ;
  • resistance.

Do not forget about gold. It will be difficult to do without virtual currency. But real money is not necessary to invest, but if you want you can buy diamonds for them - a special currency to buy more functional things.

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