Syndicates of Arkon

Alternative names: Syndicates of Arkon

Welcome to the Syndicates of Arkon online - a unique game world, where thousands of players are fighting, conclude alliances, trade or just nice talk. This is a unique role-playing game, the whole fantasy universe. Arkon giant metropolis in the distant future consists of distinctive areas in which cyber-punk style combined with the scenery of the XX century.

Online game Syndicates of Arkon throw you a hot battle against the game characters and real players, large-scale battles in which players will be able to capture the clans and control entire urban areas, creating an influential and powerful syndicates.

Online game Syndicates of Arkon has such system requirements:

• Operating system Windows XP / Vista / 7

• Video card: NVidia 5700GT / ATI x800

• Processor: Intel Pentium 4 March. 0 GHz / AMD Athlon x64 4000

• Memory: 1 Gb

• Hard disk: 3Gb

To play the game Syndicates of Arkon online, you need to install the program - the client, the download link which you will receive after registration. Just do not forget to update the driver for the video card.

Join in the game Syndicates of Arkon as follows. The site of the game press the button "Create Account". Then you enter:

• Your e-mail (it will login)

• password

• code from the image.

If you're invited to play a friend, enter his name on the site or referral code. Push the button "Create Account" and you to mail a letter with confirmation of registration. Download and install the client - Syndicates of Arkon and registration is complete.

Syndicates of Arkon online game begins with character selection. In game two camps. Neovitaly, proponents of racial purity, dressed in powerful combat exoskeletons and commands an army of robots.

Implanter rearrange themselves at will and whim, using the most fantastic implants. It may look funny, and perhaps frightening: neovitaly compete with heavily armored lightly dressed, nimble and fast implanters.

Game Online Syndicates of Arkon offers the following character classes:

• Neovitaly - psionic, scout, engineer.

• implanter - bionics, killer player.

Play the game online Syndicates of Arkon is particularly interesting as a "magician" - Psionic or bionics. Of course they are not magicians, and armed by the latest achievements in science and technology. Defender engineer - strong melee units. Killer and scout - deft and dangerous Rangers.

All game characters have two important characteristics:

• charisma (defines skills)

• endurance (number of life and recovery rate).

Also each class has its own specific, unique to its parameters.

Charisma and endurance should be increased by pumping the hero, or buying implants and exoskeletons.

To be happy and really play Syndicates of Arkon, you'll have to explore the tree of combat skills, characteristic for each class. Joining the ranks of any faction, you'll get more useful skills.

The game has four variants of combat

• melee,

• attack at a distance

• mental kick

• passive protection.

To choose one thing, so rationally allocate experience. Example fighters: quick and nimble ranger with a sword and two knives, or engineer in the exoskeleton, with psy-guns blazing.

At the beginning of the game to help you in learning to play Syndicates of Arkon quests. Implement them, to delve into the game very interesting and exciting. You can choose a strict order with elements of the dictatorship in the camp neovitalov or gang implanters where all simple, sincere guys equally easy leading a friendly conversation and inflicting fatal blows to the enemy.

Syndicates of Arkon Online registration will open the gates in front of you a fantastic, almost incredible metropolis Arkon influential syndicates experienced fighters will meet you as an equal, you'll find new friends and you will conquer all enemies.

Phantasmagoric world of cyber-punk hero awaits!

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