Tactical Intervention

Alternative names: Tactical Intervention

Tactical Intervention - online game in the genre of first-person shooter . Game Tactical Intervention , according to fans, pretty reminiscent of the well-known, popular game Counter-Strike. With these words, you have probably already formed certain impressions, and are confident that good.

Play the game Tactical Intervention in the original and not in the beta version, because the data point there is only a possibility, you may like as early as this year.

As in any computer game can not do without clearance player and create your account. In other words, Tactical Intervention check first that you must overcome to enter the world of eternal fire. Nothing extraordinary, most importantly, specify the correct data:

  • Enter a valid email address;
  • Specify the password, and remember it.

You can begin to play Tactical Intervention. Here you are welcomed by the world of military battles. You enter into one of the proposed two teams - the terrorists or the Counter. Ie felts you angry, intimidating and destroying everything and everyone in its path character felts courageous defender who hates terrorists who violate the peace of civilians. In this situation, the choice is yours. Now proceed to the destruction of these rascals, and they you. To do this, the Korean company manufacturers give you the opportunity to choose any card for fighting. There's even a street in the twilight, is daunting. But you are not afraid.

Also here you will not be left without a weapon, for easy shooting and a strong defeat. Presented here in large numbers, that the eyes diverge

  • SMG;
  • Assault rifles;
  • Pistols;
  • Shotguns;
  • Sniper rifles.

Also here you are given a choice of different elements

  • Uniforms;
  • Gear;
  • Equipment;
  • Perks;
  • Grenades.

Uniforms - clothing provided for both terrorists and the Counter at three options.

Gear - something that covers important areas of the body. It also: face, eyes, ears, legs and holster.

Equipment - everything you need - dog rifle. Also, the black market, and the collection of other useful things.

Perks - all sorts of extras for the characters in the game process.

Grenades - it earnings for the killings, which is divided into four stages.

As the game Tactical Intervention online, Can you imagine what it is an opportunity not to fight with the computer opponent, and with a character controlled by man. You can play as a team with friends, expand the whole fight scenes.


Some may think that it is a myth, but you can play the game Tactical Intervention for free, which also increases the amount of future fans of the game.


Koreans promise that the game Tactical Intervention appreciate its graphics created this military town. So play and try your hand is worth. Restore peace civilians - register. And invite for an interesting fight, comrades. Have a good battle!

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