Tails of Iron

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Tails of Iron is an incredible RPG game for your PC. The graphics here are unlike any other game. All the characters, as well as the scenery, are hand-drawn, this is a huge work done by the artists. The musical arrangement perfectly complements the indescribable atmosphere of the game, and the voice acting was performed by Doug Call himself, known to many RPG fans.

In the role of the heir to the rat throne named Reggie, you have to deal with the expulsion of the toad clan that occupied your lands.

Don't expect an easy victory, every mistake can lead to the death of the main character and defeat in the game.

On the way to victory, many challenges await you:

  • Explore the kingdom
  • Change Reggie's fighting style to make it easier for you to win
  • Collect resources and earn money
  • Find blueprints for unique items
  • Create new weapons and repair them in time
  • Complete side quests to gain experience

At the beginning of the game, you will have the opportunity to gather a team of allies who will help you both on the battlefield and in the creation of healing potions and weapons. There will even be an opportunity to build a motomobile armored car, which will definitely not be superfluous on a difficult trip.

Reggie will have to become a virtuoso of combat otherwise he will not cope with the mission. You decide what kind of fighter he will be. Develop the skills necessary to fight in the style in which you will best be able to win.

The combat system is complex due to the huge arsenal of tricks, rolls, jumps and somersaults. Do not stand still, if you want to win you need to constantly move during the battle.

Battles with such a combat system look spectacular, which is difficult to expect from such a hand-drawn game.

There is no easy mode in the game, the enemies are ruthless, and it is very easy to lose in fierce battles.

Remember, you are not just fighting against cute frogs, part of the enemy army is zombies, which can only be defeated by inflicting serious injuries on them.

Don't rush to fight the bosses of the generals of the enemy army, first it is better to gain experience by defeating ordinary soldiers.

Bosses can strike fear into anyone. Each of them is unique but they all have weaknesses. Think and find a way to defeat them. Just shove through is not an option.

Don't forget to prepare healing drinks and food between combat missions. Repair equipment and weapons before they become completely unusable. If you are lucky enough to find a blueprint for a rare weapon or armor, it's best not to delay crafting it.

In addition, attention will need to be paid to repairing the destruction inflicted on the kingdom by enemy armies.

Playing Tails of Iron will be more difficult than it might seem at first glance. Everything here is drawn, but you should not take the project lightly because of this, this is a serious game, and not just another entertainment for one evening.

Tails of Iron download for free on PC, unfortunately not possible. You can buy the game on the official website or one of the trading portals. By purchasing an official copy, you motivate developers to continue to release new, high-quality games.

Start playing now and don't let the unbridled frogs take over the whole world!

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