Alternative names: Tale

In order to start playing the game online Tale, you have to register a new character. Tail registration is carried out in steps.

Step 1:

• Create a name of the character;

• Enter the password;

• Choose your race future character;

• Select the sex of the character.

Step 2:

• Select a character portrait. Subsequently change the appearance of the character can not be;

• Enter your e-mail.

Tale Online game gives an opportunity to become a member of one of the six races:

• Man;

• Elf;

• half-elf;

• Dwarf;

• dwarves;

• The Hobbit.

The representative of each race has unique abilities that are unique to him. Elves are distinguished by their wisdom. Gnomes are endowed with well-developed intellectual abilities. Dwarves are very strong and hardy. People all abilities are developed at the same level, some special advantages they do not possess. Half-elves are inherent abilities as elves and humans.

Tale online game provides a wide range of weapons, among which:

• stabbing weapons - daggers and spears

• Shock weapons - clubs, hammers, flails;

• Cutting weapons - swords and knives;

• Slashing weapons - axes and hatchets;

• Quilted weapons - sticks and whips;

• Magic weapons - staves;

• Weapon for shooting - bows and crossbows;

• Weapon for throwing - throwing spears and javelins;

• Magic sphere;

• Shields.

Play the game online Tail gets interesting because of the presence of any additional features or items. For example, in the game there are several types of spells:

• Spells for treatment;

• Spells for destruction;

• Spells that increase agility and turning ability during the battle;

• Spells that improve armor.

After registration Tale is over, you find yourself in a big way, according to which, if you go south, you will see the forest, and if the north - that massive and high gates of the city Tail. That is what will be the starting point in the journey, which will begin with all your adventures.

Everyone believes in miracles and fairy tale, which would gladly like to live. Well if returned are the days when the land was inhabited by knights, dwarves, elves and other creatures from the world of fiction. A lot of people would want to visit in the body of the medieval inhabitants, fearless knight or good-natured wizard who fights for the liberation of the planet from hostile creatures.

Found himself in such a tale you will help this browser game. Tale online will give you plenty of opportunities to show their personality and perform a wide variety of quests and missions.

Play the game online you'll Tale in the Middle Ages, where everything is ruled by magic and power. While traveling and wandering over the vast expanses of the game world you forget that there are problems in real life. Here you will have to fight with many enemies and monsters, trying to occupy your land.

In Tail play very interesting, because here you can find the magical power, to master the art of witchcraft; learn to hunt, to fish, to fight any kinds of weapons and learn many more secrets.

Like any other role-playing game, the game has a lot Tale online quests. As the whole game, they mostly text, so you will need to first read and then delve into the essence of what is happening. Right to navigate the game space and do not get lost in the magical land, you will need to examine the location, the more that their knowledge is needed for a successful game.

Move in the game takes place on the map, which greatly simplifies the game. Also, to help newcomers to the game will appear clues, but before still be familiar with the rules of the game.

Play Tale exciting, because you can be a warrior or wizard. To determine the choice, just appropriately distribute Points characteristics of your character.

Tale online game full of interesting events on its way you will meet the brave and bold knights, evil mages and wizards good and get a taste of this fantastic adventure. Join in the game give you the opportunity Tail know the secrets of the wizarding world and feel the joy of wandering the expanses of the world.

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