Tales of Solaris

Alternative names: Tales of Solaris

Game Tales of Solaris combines the best quality RPG games alloy classical nuances anime. Bright, rich graphics and entertaining story can attract, so what cunning, already attracts a lot of gamers from around the world. Regularly huge amount of information about this game on the forums and updated pages in social networks, where project participants are actively discussing trends and features of the game.

Tales of Solaris online will help you move to the fabulous continent, which can coexist successfully magic and power of the machine. However, gangs are trying to fulfill their sinister mission and a coup at this peaceful continent. You will become a participant in the game Order, acceding to this unprecedented war and fighting for the restoration of real history. It is destined to lead this Order Heavenly continent to a new life and to help him open a new page of its era. But it will be first, and later, when you can get your feet wet in the game with his friends be able to establish order which will be much more potent and powerful.

This is an online game, but because you immediately have to keep in mind that in Tales of Solaris registration process will be necessary. Even the fact that at the moment the leadership of the game adaptation of the game is not intended for English-speaking users, and all information is presented in English, it is still nepomeshaet you find out with all the specifics of form filling, as well as the main features of the gameplay.

To begin the registration process, you must click on the button «Game Start», which is located at the top left of the game screen.

You will see the special form, after filling which can be started in Tales of Solaris play. You will need to enter your username and password and write the address of the electronic mailbox.

Also if you want any brand new member of the project will be registered with one of the most appropriate account in social networks, Facebook, Google, Yahoo or Paypal, which will help speed up the process.

Now play the game Tales of Solaris will be even more interesting, because the developers had fixed a number of bugs. And today in this project implemented a new system of dynamic battles, watch that now can only breathlessly. A variety of game modes can drastically transform the familiar interface of the project. Before the game, you will need to choose a game server, and select the class and give a name to your character.

Currently in Tales of Solaris for free you can play with such character classes:







And you will be able to have a pet and bring him up. You can choose from more than 150 species of pets, each of which differs not only in appearance but also has a completely individual character.

Go for adventure! Because now you will find a huge number of tasks and quests. You will have to overcome many obstacles before you succeed.



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