Tank Future Force 2050

Alternative names: Tank Future Force 2050

Game Tank Future Force 2050 tanks of the future.

If tired of fighting in the face of real events, pay attention to the Tank Future Force 2050 for Android project, developed by the studio Awesome Action Games. Becoming participants in the game process, you will be transported in time, when armored vehicles have undergone significant changes. It's still easy to find out, but the rigging and the possibilities have stepped far ahead, and a tank with two cannons does not seem like a curiosity any more.

To yourself feel the innovation, you need free Tank Future Force 2050 download. This has already made more than 50 million people, having managed to pass not only the main tasks, but to get acquainted with new missions in the periodically published supplements. To install a game that weighs 62 M, you need a version of Android from 4. 1. Another option is to download the Tank Future Force 2050 to a computer, and develop a parallel line of events.

Fantastic fighting.

Tanks, they are tanks raft their tracks with their caterpillars in search of the enemy, and then they bomb it. Who own, and who is a stranger to understand quite simply thanks to the flags over the machines. Also above them hangs a scale of life, from which it is clear how many hits will sustain the armor.

Since the game Tank Future Force 2050 develops the events of the future, the developers have taken the liberty of imagining how much technology will change. Initially, combat units are not particularly different from modern ones, but this is only at the beginning. As you get some amount of game currency available, you can refine every detail. All armor, tower, cannon, undercarriage, other technical equipment are subject to upgrade. Once you hardly recognize the old features, the car becomes so futuristic. Also waiting for you:

    After you spent time in the hangar for the process of increasing the characteristics, go to the battlefield.

  • Quality graphics
  • Realistic soundtrack
  • Bright special effects
  • Unusual geography of the area
  • Intuitive controls
  • Selecting enemies
  • Long updates
Here the most interesting unfolds, because enemies with each level more and more, and they act harshly.

Your task is to track down everyone and destroy, and then the mission will be passed, and the reward will find its hero. It is quite easy to find the enemy, because it is marked on the sensitive radar in the form of red dots. Just follow where the next enemy tank hides, and shoot it, finding a vulnerable place. Sometimes it will be necessary to approach practically closely, so that the shell struck a strong shell.

Management and locations.

Tank Future Force 2050 game offers quite standard control. In the left corner of the joystick to move the equipment, and to the right of the button of sight, approach and fire. Even if this is a novelty for you, after a little training, you will easily master this wisdom. Beauty, difficulty in moving and more realism add obstacles to the site. They close the horizon and do not allow to see other people's equipment. This will help you to arrange an ambush, however, as well as most to please someone else, so that a little healthy paranoia will not hurt.

To also tell a little about the Donat. As you understand, the pumping in the game plays an important role, and for every combat raid with the enemy tanks knocked down, you will receive a reward. It goes to all sorts of improvements, but playing in the free mode, to achieve rapid and significant changes is quite difficult. Then the proceeds come in-game purchases. It should be noted that the developers decided not to be greedy, and set quite acceptable prices from 24.93 to 1 258.47 UAH.

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