Tanki Online

Alternative names: Tanki online, tanki, tanks, online tanks, the tanks online 2.

Tanki Online - the most popular browser-dimensional fighter. Tanki Online game combines the elements of classical "Tanchiki" era Dendy, entertainment and dynamism of modern 3D-action movie. Online Game Tanks Online require no special requirements to the computer and run on any computer with Internet access.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Processor: Intel Pentium II 450 MHz / AMD Athlon 600 MHz
  • Memory: 128 MB
  • Graphic memory: 128 MB


  • Processor 2 GHz
  • Memory: 1 GB
  • Graphic memory: 128 MB

Tanki Online 2. 0 game that you can try to play before registration and the registration itself in the game Tanki Online fast and baffling .

Register Tanki Online is as follows:

  • Need to enter the name under which you play
  • Choose a password and password cell Replay
  • Press the button to continue, and thus you confirm that you have read the rules and conditions of the game, and agree with them

The game Tanki Online registration absolutely free! First you play in tanks as a rookie, but then your ranking will increase due to certain achievements: destroy enemy tanks, capture enemy flags, treatment and other allies Tanki Online game, which is based on a system of military ranks. Military ranks receive for points, the higher the rank, the more powerful tank. Play Tanki online rising through the ranks, you can improve the body of the tank, buy additional tools for their war machine. So start playing the game Tanki Online simple recruit, you can rise to the rank of marshal.

Play the game online Tanks Online You have to live players, making it more exciting. You have the opportunity to compete as well as cooperate with other players and battle tested themselves on the principle of "every man for himself" in the mode Deathmatch, or you can join a team in Team Deathmatch, and fight for the flag in Capture the Flag.

While playing tanki You can collect "bonuses" that fall from the sky:

  • Crystals
  • Acceleration
  • Kit
  • Dual energy
  • Double protection

Crystals - this game currency that can be won in battle, buy or receive as a gift for subscribing to the game my friends. Acceleration allows you to quickly navigate through the site and to avoid strikes. First aid kit will help cure the tank. Dual energy will make your gun more powerful, and the double protection will make your tank stronger.

For crystals you can buy in your garage different improvements to the tank (high Calligonum, body, arms, paint tank, etc.

The game is available such weapons

  • Smokey - issued to all new recruits games considered the best at dueling battles.
  • Flamethrower - to attack at close range, the perfect weapon for mass destruction at close range, at long range it is simply useless
  • Twins - good for medium range weapons do60 meters. Has a rate of fire and the ability to shoot down enemy sight.
  • Rail - the most popular weapon at long range, which has high damage and the ability of penetrating blow can knock down the sight of a moving tank.
  • Isis - This is a dangerous melee weapon to 15 meters, which uses life when attacking an opponent for his recovery.
  • Thunder - weapon for fighting at close to medium range. Has a high rate of fire, decent damage and also can attack multiple opponents. defeat.
  • Freeze - weapons suitable for short range up to 20 meters. This is an advanced flame thrower has the effect of freezing.
  • Ricochet - weapon for fighting at any distance up to 80 meters. Has a high rate and the effect of "bounce."

Tanks Online Game interesting variety of locations from the open countryside to the complex areas with different lifts, fences, etc. In the game there is a table entitled "List of battles" in which you can see the name of the battle, the number of participants, type of location. And also in the box on the right you can see additional information about the battle. It is important to play the game online Tanki online Introduce observing certain tactics, to show cunning and resourcefulness to invent various traps for opponents. Play Tanki Online is very interesting and exciting, as the game allows during the battle to chat with other members of the battle and make new friends.

If Tanki Online play consistently, we can more quickly get high rank and become a leader among the other players. So get in the fight!

Online Tanks - it's the game that you never get bored and will fight day and night!

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