Tanks Rage

Alternative names: Tanks Rage
About how the stronger sex like a game about tanks, probably even do not need to talk. Absolutely all projects, whether simulators, ordinary shooters, strategy and puzzles, in which we are talking about tanks, immediately attract the attention of men, young and old. New attractive project became Tanks Rage online. This game is made in the genre of MMO shooter. All of the major actions in the game taking place, you will have to watch from a third party. The graphics of the game, though it seems a bit rustic, pleasing to the eye and most importantly - the atmosphere corresponds to implemented in the project. Tanks Rage game, having also decent, and it should be noted, is quite anturazhnye music. The plot in the game as simple as possible, but even this fact does not prevent the army of fans of the project on recruiting more and more new faces. A huge advantage of the game is that it a browser. To start gameplay Tanks Rage online do not need to take any serious action by downloading the traditional "heavy" clients or any other program. To join the tank, just go to the game directly from your favorite browser. What is true, there is one small condition in Tanks Rage - registration. But even this process developers prefer to simplify ridiculous. The game interface is fully translated into Russian, so there are no problems with the registration should arise. Simply click on the appropriate link to see the front of the registration form. The names of all the fields and tips spelled in Russian. In accordance with the tips in the first line, specify the address of your electronic mailbox. In the next field, record a unique password to login. To successfully start playing Tanks Rage, you will also have to come up with and the name of your character. After that, select the server and start gaming. You can keep fighting in two modes: Singles. Team. To understand the main features of the project, to start better to try his luck in the single-player mode. Rage of Tanks - the game that transports you to the concrete mazes of cities. Getting into the maze, you have to be ready at any moment to take the fight to the enemy. Navigate through the countryside, driving a tank with the help of arrows, dodge the blows and strikes back, using Spacebar. Monitor the state of health and his opponent can be on the top panel. When you're in Tanks Rage play, learn that for each win in a battle, you can get an impressive (by gaming standards, of course) money. In addition, gamers winners receive more experience points. The principle of the project is the same as in any other game: the more experience gamer gets, the more possibilities open before him. In Tanks Rage play for free, no financial investment from the project does not require the gamer. But with virtual currency - is another matter. The more money you are able to earn by fighting, the more prospects will open up. The project has a pretty good shop with a wide variety of goods. There are parts for tanks, improving their performance. You may want to upgrade anything. A huge arsenal of weapons allow you to select something appropriate. Gamers during gameplay will be able to create clans - groups working collectively and coping with the enemies more quickly and efficiently. You can create your own clan or else join an existing one. To do this, you, of course, will have to show their best side.
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