Tauri World

Alternative names: Tauri World

Aeria Games, has released its new browser called Tauri World game. This sci-fi real-time strategy game with a browser that has a unique visual effects based on the drawings of Leonardo da Vinci.

TAURI game tells the story of the new house which created mankind. You will play in Tauri World and take part in the construction, extension and increase the size and strength of the colonies on the island. Players can develop their infrastructure on the island, they can expand and move to new locations using advanced technologies such as colonization ships. If the players are able to manage their resources and territories wisely, they can go to war and conquer new lands Tauri World online.

Before playing Tauri World, make sure your computer meets the system requirements such as: frequency processor - 2GHz, 1GB RAM, Video Card - 128MB. Tauri World registration does not take much of your time and easy:

1. On the main page, create a login;

2. Enter a secure password;

5. Select "Enter".

Tauri World game has several features.

First, the game has an extensive system TAURI buildings and vehicles. You can start to create different buildings, expand and use more than 20 different ships that allow players to spy, colonize or start a war.

Secondly, the game is a TAURI commercial strategy. Carefully planned trading strategy can accelerate the speed of domestic economic development and support the allies by trading players or auctions.

Thirdly, Tauri World Online has an extensive combat system. You belong to a variety of technologies could easily affect the course of the war, affecting all of the heroes, units, attack and defense parameters.

Game TAURI, which takes place in real time, is an online game with an advanced system of dependency and a multilayer structure. In Tauri World Online you can find about 20 types of buildings, various defense systems, flying aircraft and ground units - a total of 25 types of buildings were developed.

Unique colonization Tauri World online was created intentionally, giving players the opportunity to resolve the planets, including the eight islands in the possession of each of the planets. You can filter the planet and sector Tauri World online, where you want to live.

Initially, the main goal of the game Tauri World online is to develop one of the selected planets. After a while, when you get a level up, the colonization of other planets would be impossible.

Platform Tauri World game is one of many destinations to which you aspire. With the help of the platform you will be able to move seamlessly between the islands. Tugs game TAURI used for quick transportation to other vessels. The platform can also build a spaceship to colonize a new planet, and teleport ships with high-speed (the time a few seconds).

Security indicator field Tauri World Online is used to set the defense power of the field. Remember that the protective field will protect you more than once.

You will manage your island in the Tauri World game. You can also watch and spy on the enemy and share with the allied fleets islands. Tauri World map online, you will see the degree of development of the island, check the activities of a particular player or damaged areas around the islands in a state of war. You can use the starfish on the left side of the screen to move the map Tauri World Online.

Heroes and bonuses simplify Tauri World game. Thanks bonuses and some heroes, you can quickly, efficiently and cheaply produce technology units.

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