Tekken Revolution

Alternative names: Tekken Revolution
Rule of the game, based on the disassembly Japanese clans, has always attracted gamers. That is why the game Tekken Revolution simply had no chance of failure. Like all the other parts of the project, the new TR can be characterized as a dynamic game with great gameplay, good storyline and clearly defined characters. Despite the fact that the main theme of the story, it would seem, could squeeze all the juice already, game developers manage to find something new and interesting, allowing again and again "to lure in their networks" players. Any gamer who has had to try his luck playing Tekken confirm that describe this project is almost impossible, all that power and magnitude can only feel personally. To date version of Tekken Revolution on pc does not exist - a project designed exclusively for consoles. Genre, which usually referred Tekken - fighting. Become a proud owner of the project at the moment can download it from the app store for Sony Play Station. Important factor that should be taken carefully to attention, deciding to start the game - it requires a permanent Internet connection, otherwise some regimes simply will not function correctly. In Tekken Revolution can play freely - the project is spread by free2play method. And this is the second part of the line, using this method, although its implementation in the game is the greatest number of disputes and misunderstandings. The fact that the project does not involve the purchase of in-game items, this feature is not even intended. The main feature of the game can be considered that in Tekken Revolution characters to participate in various competitions and during the transition from mode to mode must use special coins that serve as peculiar omissions. Thus, the coin-pass will be needed to start the game in arcade mode to finance rating battles in combat. There are also unique "elite" coins and tickets that can replace all other forms of "omissions". When you manage to download Tekken Revolution, you will see for yourself that even a small amount of changes could significantly transform the project. Although the plot and game mechanics remain the same. Traditionally, your character will learn all the secrets of martial arts, meeting with opponents. Thanks to two new modes of attack effect of battle can be enhanced. For example, applying a critical attack, the character can "knock out" the enemy even after a more or less precise strike, but the special attack will provide invisibility and protects the hero for a while. Know all the charm of the project can only be personally experienced it. Even the coolest Tekken Revolution trailer video can not convey all the charm of this game. Therefore, we recommend you download the project as soon as possible on your console, or to thrust a visit to a friend on the game - you will not regret, guaranteed!
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