Tempest Rising

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Tempest Rising is a real time strategy game that you can play on PC. The graphics are good, the picture is very realistic. In the game you will see many cut scenes. The voice acting was done by professional actors, the music is pleasant to listen to.

Inspired by the RTS strategies of the 90s and 2000s. But at the same time they tried to improve the genre. How well they succeeded you will decide for yourself when you play Tempest Rising.

Initial tasks in games of this genre:

  • Explore the location of deposits and organize the extraction of resources
  • Establish and secure base camp
  • To develop technologies that will improve equipment and weapons
  • Create a strong army with enough numbers to keep the enemy at bay

The events of the game are developing today, but in a world where history has taken an alternative path. There are three factions, each with its own characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, and morality. Any of them is available. Read the features and decide which faction best suits your chosen play style. Each of the playable factions has unique combat units. It is possible to win by choosing either side, the game has a good balance.

A global military conflict is taking place in the harsh game world in which the peacekeeping corps of the Global Defense Force and the troops of the Storm Dynasty are fighting for primacy. After a little training, you will have to choose one of these forces during the campaign and help her win. Complete both campaigns containing 15 missions each to discover two different stories. For each of the missions, you will be able to customize your army in accordance with the tasks.

Weather anomalies called storms regularly occur on the planet, but these are not ordinary storms. Try to find unique artifacts called Storm Creepers. These items will allow you to become stronger than your army, and by studying them you will understand the nature of the origin of storms on the planet. After the information about the reasons for the appearance of these weather anomalies is disclosed, it will not become easier to play, because another force will come into play to be reckoned with.

Multiplayer mode is present. Campaigns, although very interesting, are preparation for the game against real opponents.

You will be able to compete both one on one and in the mode when there are several opponents. Battles with other players in case of victory, increase the rating. The higher the level you get, the more generous prizes you can expect. It is possible to play online both with your friends and by choosing a random player or even several as opponents. Setting up the army before the battle affects not only the passage of campaign missions, but will help you win online battles.

Try to always take your opponents seriously and never consider them weak until you win.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to download

Tempest Rising for free on PC. To purchase the game, go to the Steam portal, or look at the official website of the developers.

Install the game and play right now to unravel the mystery of mysterious storms!

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