Theos: Goddess of Desire

Alternative names: Teos

The war for the favor of the goddess, who turned a life-and-death struggle between the Alliance of Light and Union of Fury can only end in the defeat of one of the parties. If you like fantasy games, the Theos: Goddess of Desire online (free rpg multiplayer game) created specifically for you.

Let's see what the developers claim presented to the computer, so you can immerse yourself in the game. Online game Theos: Goddess of Desire makes the following minimum requirements for the user's computer

• Windows XP / VISTA

• High speed internet connection of 256 kbit / s,

• Processor: Pentium IV 2. 0 GHz

• Memory: 512 MB,

• Video Card: Nvidia GeForce 9500 GT or Radeon 5700.

• At least 2 GB of free hard disk space

• DirectX 9. 0s.

If your computer meets the requirements of the game, then go to the next step. Join in the game Theos: Goddess of Desire may not be necessary to everyone who is registered in any game project zzima. com - your account will be valid for this game. But if not, Theos: Goddess of Desire online registration does not take much time. Will perform such steps as:

• Enter login - the specific name that you will use to log into the game

• Enter the email address

• Enter password

• Select the floor

• Enter the code

To begin playing the game Theos: Goddess of Desire online, will still need to download the client - a special program that you want to install on your computer. Client optimizes Internet traffic and minimizes the appearance of errors in displaying the beautiful game graphics. Customer size - 1.4 GB.

Theos: Goddess of Desire online game based on the confrontation between the two factions - the Alliance of Light and Union of Fury, which is patronized by the two goddesses and Deirdre Riel.

In the Alliance of Light includes two races:

• People

• Elves

People strong in spirit, have decent power and agility. People have such classes: soldier, guardian priest.

Elves as law-abiding, intelligent, strong in magic and follow the laws of nature. Elves there are classes: scout, shooter, magician.

Union of Fury created two other races:

• Weil

• Nordeyny

Veela smart, nimble, but physically weak. But small physical strength they make up for possession of secret martial arts.

Veela have the following classes:

• mercenary

• sorcerer

• oracle

Nordeyny or Death Eaters are extremely aggressive and fierce appearance, as well as hate magic.

Fierce nordeyny divided into the following classes:

• Warrior

• Warden

• Hunter

Besides the standard for all games of the characteristics of your character (strength, endurance, intelligence, magic power, agility), a character when you play the game online Theos: Goddess of Desire, will have four types of skills:

• passive (class features)

• basic (attacking, healing, and so weaken )

• combat (offensive and defensive skills of high power)

• special (unique class features)

Skills and characteristics a person will grow and evolve with experience. The amount of experience depends on the selected mode of the game.

When you start to play Theos: Goddess of Desire, you will encounter a unique feature of the game - its modes. This option was introduced specifically to each player - from the beginner who has never faced with online games to experience wise veteran could find in the game Theos: Goddess of Desire online something different.

Primary game modes:

Beginner (has some limitations, the character development is only available to level 30, you can not join the guild and create your own)

Soldier (not particularly limited).

When reached in the "soldiers" at level 40, you can go into the "veteran". 40 level mode "veteran" is available in the most interesting transition mode - "legend", which are available to many previously hidden opportunities.

In Theos: Goddess of Desire play interesting by the fact that the game has a huge variety of items and weapons that can adjust by itself. Countless diverse battles between players and guilds will not make bored, especially as they occur in various locations (gaming areas). The highest level of character development in the game - 70

Register Theos: Goddess of Desire will immerse you in a world in which you, shaded by a blessing of their Goddess, become invincible warrior.

Game Theos will bright colors in your daily routine.

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