Terra Nil

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Terra Nil is an economic strategy with very unusual game objectives. The graphics are incredibly detailed, colorful, in a realistic style. Background music is pleasant and does not tire in the process. The developers paid a lot of attention to the voice acting of the game world.

Traditionally, before playing Terra Nil you have to go through a little training, without which it can be difficult to understand the game.

In the game you will be engaged in unusually interesting things:

  • Learn new technologies
  • Travel and visit planets with radically different ecologies
  • Develop colonies on planets
  • Extract the resources necessary for the operation of machinery and construction

All of these actions serve the same purpose. You will need to rejuvenate the environment in the visited worlds. Let nature work with you.

Each card is randomly generated. Even with repeated passage of tasks in the same area, everything will be completely different and therefore it is interesting to play each time as if you were playing this level for the first time.

The game is very peaceful, this is facilitated by the beauty of the world around, where each element is drawn by hand. All this moves, makes sounds and interacts with each other. You can enjoy the beauty of alien landscapes for hours and it does not bother you.

Playing is not always easy, each area has its own distinctive features inherent only to it. Therefore, every time you have to look for and build a new strategy to achieve the mission objectives.

It is necessary to slowly clean the soil from weeds and other types of pollution. Only after the soil is prepared, start planting greenery. If the soil is not properly prepared, young shoots can die and then it will be much more difficult to start over.

For the operation of technology, energy will be needed to obtain which is necessary without harming the ecosystem. Windmills and solar panels are well suited for these purposes.

Vegetation needs water to grow. Create a system of irrigation channels and, if necessary, pre-clean the reservoir from which water will be delivered.

Before you leave the place and take on the next task, you must eliminate the traces of your presence. Recycle all buildings and structures, leaving nothing but blooming nature behind.

Each mission will be more difficult than the previous, but if you don't rush, study new conditions and think about each step, you will definitely succeed.

It is extremely entertaining and pleasant to see how, thanks to your actions, meadows flourish in the lifeless wastelands and the destroyed ecosystem is restored. Instead of dull dull landscapes, a riot of natural colors appears and life returns to this area.

Terra Nil download for free on PC, unfortunately, will not work. But you can purchase the game on the Steam platform or on the official website of the developers.

Be sure to install this game if you are not indifferent to the environment and you like to watch wildlife!

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