Terra Militaris

Alternative names: Terra Militaris

Terra Militaris online - fantastic multiplayer game MMORTS historical subjects. Snail Game - game developers - have made to your project all the best browser-like intrinsic razvlekalovki. All the qualities that attract people because the world masterpieces, organically intertwined here. The game world is not just developing dynamically, it literally gushes unforgettable events. You only have to choose their own path of development and conquer one by one all the four eras. Having started playing the game Terra Militaris online, you will build your own city, led the troops engaged in the extraction of resources, to seek a diplomatic approach to the surrounding lords, organize bargains, research technologies, to perform the most exciting quests. Do not be afraid to challenge bothersome mobs and desperate to other players. Prove that you are a formidable opponent, who does not stop at anything!

To take part in exciting incidents need Terra Militaris registration. It will only take a minute. Besides, then do not have to wait for game downloads. Join in the game Terra Militaris - is filling a few fields in which to enter the following information: username, email address, password. Tick, that you continue to take for her and you can return at any time to continue gameplay. Be sure to compare the configuration of the PC with the following minimum system requirements list:

- Operating system Windows 2000/XP;

- A Pentium 3 700Mhz;

- Video GeForce 32mb;

- RAM 256 mb;

- Hard drive 100mb.

Unnecessary problems nobody has brought fun, so do not forget to adjust the desired settings. All this plus an internet connection of at least 56k modem (better DSL / Cable) and you'll discover a strikingly beautiful world with a dizzying adventure.

At the start, you will meet a teacher. He will tell you how to play Terra Militaris to succeed. What civilization choose your private affair, but despite the fact, where yourself, nobody has the right to select a legitimate chance to win world domination. When the city will be developed to a certain level, you may well infringe on another's possession in order to increase not only their territory, but also to consolidate power.

Online game Terra Militaris offers to become a resident of one of the countries such as Egypt, China, Persia, Rome. Exactly where you want to be and you will be allocated a piece of land. Do not worry, that have to start with some primitive tribal settlements in the future you will be able to build a set of buildings and ensure that nondescript first town eventually turned into a huge influential empire.

As for the construction, then it occurs at two levels of maps. At first you need to manage your erect objects, structure, where you will put the resources for soldiers and laborers facilities for training the army. In addition, there will also be a tavern, necessary for hiring heroes and the market for trade with neighboring players. The second card is given to producing mines, quarries, farms and other useful facilities. Does it produce a resource extraction, and oh, how they want to progress!

For each player it comes time to leave on a world map and spread their wings. You are waiting for bloody battles alone or in a team, and run-ins with NPC showdown with real players. Do not be afraid to enter the battle arena or challenge of an alien civilization, create alliances or temporary associations armies to increase the chances of success. Take care of reliable advance heroes, led a detachment of brave warriors, on decent gear, the appropriate military training each participant. Remember that the objective of the commander not only manage other people's actions, but also the most time to time to take up the sword and rush into the thick of things.

Game Terra Militaris rewards every effort made by the accrual of experience. Your fame is increasing all the time, and so you move from one era to another. Engage in direct responsibilities and take quests throne room - all contribute to leveling.

Terra Militaris online created to give you pleasure! Do not waste your time in vain and see at first hand! Let fortune never turns away from you!

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