Test Drive Unlimited 2

Alternative names: Test Drive Unlimited 2

Game Test Drive Unlimited 2 is a continuation of the first part of the game Test Drive Unlimited and is designed in the style of avtoarkady in 2011.

Before you start the game you have to download Test Drive Unlimited 2 and install on your computer. TDU 2 game download any user can on sites that provide this access.

In order to meet all of the features in the game, you will need to see about Test Drive Unlimited 2 videos. In it you will learn a lot of useful information.


In computer racing game Test Drive Unlimited 2 you will play on the Spanish island of Ibiza, as well as well-known in the islands of Hawaii from the first game.

Game TDU 2 has a number of features in contrast to the first part:

1) You can move to other homes and different objects.

2) Update the interiors of their buildings.

3) Change the appearance of your character.

4) Change the wardrobe, buying clothes brands.

5) Multiple game modes and missions.

6) Availability of weather changes. The weather changes on the islands in different ways.

7) Changing the time of day.


In the game you play TDU 2 will have on different classes of cars and motorcycles. Them in game five species

1) Classic cars ("Lancia", "Mustang", "Lotus")

2) SUVs.

3) Modern cars.

4) Sports motorcycles.

5) Trekking bikes.

Each type of cars and motorcycles has both common species and supercar. Every motorcycle and a car has its own characteristics and features.

In addition to the car park for the game was developed park motorcycles, but he came out a year later.

The territory of Ibiza is very beautiful all around the green, there are various shrubs and large trees.


In-Game Test Drive Unlimited 2, the following popular brands of cars: "Ferrari", "Bugatti", "Chevrolet", "Audi", "Ford", "Mercedes", "band", but on this list does not end.

Each car has three functional options:

- Open the window;

- Folded roof (depending on model)

- Pomertsat turn signals.

Cars do not look very real, but for the game of a huge assortment.


To improve your car you will need to go into the studio, but every car is tied to the manufacturer, so you will need to find the proper workshop that fits your car. Also you will need to pump your car.

For shopping in the stores, you should have enough money. You can get them, racing. This is the basic salary in the game. Prizes in races are cash prizes or special chips that can be obtained for a specific type of racing.

In Test Drive Unlimited 2 developed socialization and present pathos.

If you are a real racer, you will certainly need to play Test Drive Unlimited 2. Recharge your energy and pump your car or motorcycle on the expanses of Ibiza or Hawaii.

Pull down the entire gas and you will surely come to victory.

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