The Moon Hell

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The Moon Hell An action RPG of extreme difficulty. The game has a gloomy atmosphere, this is facilitated by well-chosen music and audio effects. The graphics will not disappoint.

The game is impressive, I can't even believe that it was developed by a team from Ukraine consisting of only two people. They have been developing for three years, devoting their free time to this activity. The final edits were made during the war.

The creators of the game focused on making the passage deliberately as difficult as possible, for players who like to play hard. So don't expect an easy walk here.

After a little training, you will enter a fantasy world where you will have to fight for survival all the time.

  • Explore every corner of the world and exterminate all the evil you meet on the way
  • Upgrade your weapons and defenses as soon as possible
  • Find a strategy to deal with every single type of enemy, they all have weaknesses
  • Search for hidden locations, in such places you can often find useful items

The above does not seem to imply any particular difficulties, but this impression is deceptive.

In most games of the genre, all progress is reduced to the systematic extermination of hordes of monsters, but this game is not like that. In order to defeat even ordinary enemies, you will have to think and look for the right approaches. Without it, you won't get far. The bosses can take even longer to complete, improvise and try to succeed in various ways.

The game world is divided into six locations, each of which has unique features. Fauna, as well as inhabitants in each of the regions are different. Don't be in a hurry to move on as soon as possible. In a hurry, you may miss places where you can get better weapons, armor and other useful items. In addition, by exploring each section of the map, you will gain more experience and be better prepared for subsequent tests.

The combat system is very realistic. Playing The Moon Hell is not to be taken lightly, your character will feel every hit you miss and it's highly likely that this hit will be the last. There are no situations here when, after missing powerful attacks, not a single scratch appears on the main character. But the enemies, in turn, will feel the full power of your hits on them.

The style of the combat system depends primarily on your desire and choice of weapons. Choose the most suitable of the four available classes and this will determine in what manner the character will fight.

AI enemies here are smart enough and due to this, every monster encountered is a danger to the player. It will not work just to call out opponents thoughtlessly, everyone will have to pay attention.

Due to the high difficulty, the player here will feel the value of all the achievements.

The Moon Hell download for free on PC will fail. You can buy the game on the Steam portal or on the official website. By purchasing the game, you will support the developers in a difficult time and express gratitude for their work.

Install the game right now to find out if you are cool enough to make it to the end!

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