The Settlers 3

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The Settlers 3 is one of the first games in a series loved by many players. You can play on PC. High performance is not required. The graphics are detailed and colorful in a classic style. The voice acting is good. The music is energetic, but can get tiring if played for a long time, in which case you can turn it off.

Compared to the second part, there are more possibilities, graphics and sound have been improved.

The objectives in the game are the same, build a strong kingdom where all the inhabitants will be happy.

There are two factions and each of them has two campaigns to choose from, you can go through them one by one and have an interesting time in the game.

Controls have become more convenient, and if you played the previous part you will probably notice this. If you are familiar with The Settlers series of games starting from the third part, then the hints left by the developers will help you figure it out.

Many interesting tasks await you in the game:

  • Explore a vast world shrouded in fog
  • Explore places rich in resources and establish mining
  • Build cities in the most suitable places for this
  • Create a strong army
  • Learn technologies to improve the production of goods for sale
  • Equip your warriors with the best weapons
  • Lead your army during battles
  • Pay attention to religion, choose the deity that will give the country's population the most benefits
  • Engage in diplomacy, negotiate with neighboring tribes

This is just a short list; in fact, there are even more exciting tasks in the game.

Playing The Settlers 3 will be interesting primarily for fans of classic strategies, but it won’t hurt other people to try it too.

What your reign will be depends only on you. Conduct numerous wars of conquest or pay attention to trade and the development of science.

The game combines the genres of real-time strategy and urban planning simulator.

Designing and building cities is very interesting. Choose a suitable place on the map where all the main resources will be nearby and get started.

The game has a large number of unique buildings that you can arrange as you wish. The main thing is that you like it and feel comfortable.

Some of the neighboring tribes can be quite aggressive so even if you don't plan to invade their territory, be prepared for them to attack your cities. Take care of strong walls and a strong army capable of repelling attacks.

Quite a lot of additions were released for the game, but all of them are already included in the expanded edition of the game, which was released last.

You don’t need the Internet to have a fun time in The Settlers 3, you will have the opportunity to play offline.

For those who wish to create their own game scenarios, the developers have prepared a simple and convenient editor.

The Settlers 3 download for free on PC, unfortunately, will not work. The game can be purchased on the developers' website or by visiting any of the gaming portals, such as Steam. At the moment the price is low.

Start playing right now if you want to become a ruler in your own country, where everything will be as you wish!

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