The Settlers 4

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The Settlers 4 is the fourth part of the popular series of games in the genre of city planning simulator with real-time strategy elements. You can play on PC. The game was released quite a long time ago, so the performance requirements are quite modest by modern standards. The graphics are beautiful, all the buildings and people are drawn in great detail. The voice acting is realistic, the music will appeal to many players, but it can become tiring during long periods of play. Fortunately, there is an option to turn off the music if you want.

With each new part the game gets better, and that’s what happened this time.

Create a strong kingdom and help the population spread throughout the continent.

It will not be difficult for those who are familiar with the previous parts to control the game. Beginners should not worry, there is a clear and short tutorial with tips.

During the game, as in previous parts, many interesting tasks await you:

  • Explore the vast world by sending scouts to all directions of the world
  • Mine resources as soon as you can find them
  • Choose the most successful places to build cities and build settlements there
  • Develop technology, this will allow you to produce more expensive goods
  • Trading and making a profit
  • Build relationships with friendly tribes living nearby
  • Expand the territory of your country
  • Create a strong army that will ensure security and help punish aggressive neighbors

This is a short list of things you will do when you play The Settlers 4.

Everyone will find interesting things to do here. Designing cities can be a lot of fun. Choose a location for each building. Improve buildings. Surround everything with walls with protective towers, so the population will feel safe.

Trade with other countries. You will have an excess of some resources, but on the contrary, you will not be able to get enough of others; with the help of trade, you can correct this situation.

If neighboring countries are unfriendly to you, you can take away their territory by force, along with everything valuable that is there. But be careful, the enemy may be much stronger than it seems at first glance.

You will have to fight in real time. It is best to think everything through in advance so that during the battle you can act faster than the enemy understands what is happening. Don't forget to save before entering the battle. It is not always possible to win the first time, so you will have as many attempts as you like. If you fail to defeat the enemy, change your tactics and strategy. Place units in different places, you can find the right approach and defeat even a larger army.

No internet connection required for The Settlers 4

Enjoy the game even when your PC is not connected to a data network.

The Settlers 4 download for free on PC, unfortunately, will not be possible. The game can be purchased on the developers' website or on the Steam portal.

Start playing right now to start building your own empire!

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