The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom

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The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom is the seventh and still the newest part of the popular strategy series. The game is available on PC. The graphics are excellent with amazing attention to detail. The voice acting was done by professionals. Music perfectly complements what is happening on the screen and makes the game more atmospheric.

Everything has become even more realistic, but at the same time the characteristic features of the first parts have been preserved.

Several game modes available. The best place to start is by playing through the campaign. Thanks to the tutorial missions at the very beginning, you can quickly understand the game mechanics, but if you are not a beginner and are already familiar with the previous parts of the game, you can skip this step.

Building your own empire is not an easy task, but if you act consistently you will succeed.

Much remains to be done:

  • Explore the game world in search of minerals and other resources
  • Expand your territory by capturing new sectors
  • Build industrial buildings and residential buildings
  • Research technologies to unlock the ability to build new objects
  • Build barracks and increase the size of your army
  • Set up trade
  • Practice diplomacy

All this and much more awaits you in this game.

Starting is traditionally difficult; in order to quickly establish the extraction of basic resources, you need to choose the right priorities.

If in some previous parts the need for an army arose only after a while, then this time everything is different. From the first minutes of the game you will need warriors to capture important areas, otherwise it will be impossible to develop further without controlling the deposits of the necessary materials.

The campaign serves as a more advanced tutorial, but if you select the highest difficulty level, it will be very difficult to complete. After this, you can try to compete with other players and go through more difficult scenarios.

You have to fight in real time, victory depends on the size of the squad, but the general’s military talents also matter.

In addition, the better armed the fighters, the greater the advantage they will have on the battlefield.

The degree of development of your empire depends on the level of prestige; the higher it is, the more complex buildings are available, the better the weapons and the ability to produce goods that bring more profit.

In this part, the developers significantly complicated the production chains, which gave the game more realism. In addition, it greatly affects the progress and speed of production. A network of roads along which porters can deliver products and raw materials to warehouses is very important.

All fans of this series will enjoy playing The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom. It combines the game mechanics of the first parts with modern graphics.

The Internet is only required when playing against other people online. Single-player campaign and scenarios available offline.

The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom download for free on PC, unfortunately, there is no option. The game can be purchased on the Steam portal or on the official website.

Start creating your empire right now, never before has it been so interesting and exciting!

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