The Settlers: Rise of an Empire

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The Settlers: Rise of an Empire The sixth game in The Settlers series, this is a real-time strategy with elements of a city planning simulator. You can play on PC. Performance requirements are not too high, optimization is good. The 3D graphics are beautiful in a cartoon style, very detailed. The game is sounded professionally, the music is pleasant.

The fact that this is already the sixth game in the series speaks volumes about the success of the project.

The tasks have not changed much compared to the previous parts; you have to create your own empire. Playing The Settlers: Rise of an Empire will be much more interesting than previous parts thanks to innovations.

In order for everything to work out, you need to do a lot of things:

  • Mine all the necessary resources
  • Build everything you need to turn a small village into a large, well-defended city
  • Explore the world around you
  • Expand the territory under your control
  • Fight enemy units
  • Study technologies to produce better weapons and goods to sell
  • Build trade routes and sell manufactured goods to earn gold
  • Engage in diplomacy, brute force doesn’t solve everything

This small list includes only the main tasks that will need to be performed during the game.

In the beginning you will have to pay all your attention to the extraction of resources and you will need much more of them compared to the previous parts. The developers tried to make the game more realistic, now the population needs clothes and more. Happy employees work much more efficiently, remember this.

Many fans of games in this series complained about the previous part, since it began to look more like a military strategy. This time, the developers listened to the wishes and gave players the opportunity to focus more on construction and economic development.

Technology is very important; this determines what industrial buildings you can build. More advanced workshops will allow you to produce more goods for sale and better equip your soldiers.

Military affairs in this part have faded into the background, but this does not mean that you will not need an army.

When sending scouts to explore the world, be prepared to repel a possible attack if you stumble upon hostile tribes. Therefore, you should engage in reconnaissance only after you have built enough defensive structures and trained soldiers.

You will have to fight to annex new territories to your possessions. Act without haste; it will be difficult to fight simultaneously with a large number of hostile units.

The single player campaign is interesting. There are several training missions for beginners. More experienced players will be able to skip the tutorial.

It is possible to play online against other people.

There is a convenient editor, thanks to which you can create your own scripts and share them with the community.

The Internet is only required to play against real people online; the campaign is available offline.

The Settlers: Rise of an Empire download for free on PC, unfortunately, it won’t work. The game can be purchased on the Steam portal or on the official website.

Start building your empire now!

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