The Crew

Alternative names: Crew, Crev, Crewe

As promised the developers of Ubisoft game The Crew will be released in the third quarter of 2014. Meanwhile Trailers fly over the network, attracting daily more and more new fans who are willing to look counting day after day before the advertised project. This game is sure to appeal to all fans of racing. The game creators promise that this game will be the beginning of a new generation of gaming. And judging by the trailer graphics and design gaming site developers do manage to start a new era of racing. To verify the veracity of all the above, it is enough to see the video clip presented creators.

Action The Crew online will develop the open spaces of America. Or rather the entire map of America will be available to your character. Will be available a few different options runs, each of which you will be able to demonstrate their driving skills. So, you can chase

On the routes of the city.

In the suburbs.

On hilly terrain.

In corn fields.

The canyon.

Through the desert.

And, of course, on a professional race track.

Since this project will be the online game, in The Crew registration will be required as well as in all the other online projects. Well, of course, you're in the game with a huge number of participants from around the world. Judging by the number of reviews and comments that leave gamers on forums and social networks, the number of registered users on the first day of launch of the project will be truly enormous.

Most likely, all fans of online races attracted by the fact that from the outset in The Crew will need to play no more than a Porshe Camarro. This car is not a legend, in each race meet, but in this game you become the owner of it from the beginning. This will be your so-called "clean sheet". In the future you will be able tyunningovat and improve it so that as soon as your soul desires.

As already can understand the main feature of the game will be able to more customization of cars. Together with his friends and "colleagues" on the race you will be able to organize the race team and participate in competitions. You can also play the game The Crew, creating small teams of four members. Together you will be much more fun to get away from the police and drive on and off-road America.

Due to the vast selection of styles, you can customize the game just for yourself, and a variety of driving styles will catch your own "wave of luck."

Pre is not known whether it will be playing in The Crew free, but in the near future the developers have promised to solve the mystery. And yet now it is known that simultaneously with the game on the PC will "light" version of the project for smartphones running on iOS and Android.

Since the game is going to be really worth, be careful to follow the news of the game world, so as not to miss the exit the Crew!



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